Maybe to the outside world it only seemed like a few years, but those few years were packed with nothing but practice on my end. Now, that we got to know you a little better I would love to pick into your photographic brains. Learn about what you have, and then move on. If I have 8k images from a tour, I will go through and put each band into a different color group. Has it exceeded expectations? Are you a pro photographer?

adam elmakias dvd

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I recently had one with Radek Zawadzki, concert photographer, you may want to check it out http: It gets rough because you have to deal with the repercussions of messing up, but on the other hand you get the real world experience that everyone needs.

A few fans made different copies of my face and handed them out to the line before a show in London… then when I went out to meet people I had to sign of my elmakjas. I follow him on twitter and he says some of the wildest things.

Spencer of Underoath

Elmakiass has reassured me that this really is an awesome community I get to work and live in. I guess my pet peeve is pretty simple.

adam elmakias dvd

I elmqkias that I get attached to how I think my images should look and try to emulate their look subconsciously. It would be nice to top that off with an image. I decided to make another one, only this time I put a lot more time into it—and hired people to do all the things that I am not so great at. Touring consists of me hanging out with a bunch of friends in a band and harassing them with my camera on a daily basis.


As you can probably tell by my afam submissions, photography is not something I was naturally good at.

All Time Low DVD | Blog | Adam Elmakias on We Heart It

Anyway, people who are photographers like to have other people know they are photographers, whether they admit it or not. I am also working on a few more things that should come out soon as well, so keep an eye out! Becoming a successful photographer these days revolves around who you know and, more importantly, who knows you. I usually try to photograph everyone I am on tour with, not just the band, sound techs, tour managers, merch guys, tattoo artists…just about anyone elmakizs is hanging on the bus is fair game.

But my school counselor was a member on dpchallenge.

Buses make life more enjoyable because you can do more than just cram into them until you get to the next venue. I understand how they work now but I much rather use my own strategies.

Interview With Rock/Concert Photographer Adam Elmakias

I try to be very quick and on-the-fly for the most part. How Do you position yourself in a concert? Sling your camera on your body in a way that makes sense. Artifacts 53 minutes ago. Do you feel you continue to evolve? I feel like it is just a matter of time before all cameras are just video cameras that you grab a single frame from and use it as an image.


I placed ads on some photography sites like yours and met people like you through it.

People like to hire people they know, or that come recommended. If I am shooting daam the stage, I usually just have one camera because I have to move around a lot. After we get into actually shooting the image, our shoot moves into more of a conversation with some images in between. Do you care about blocking the view? I started e-mailing publications and started working with a manager in the music industry by October.

adam elmakias dvd

He is quite the character, and we still have yet to addam When I first started out the bands I worked with adzm traveling in vans for the most part. After I have everything sorted out I go through the images again and star any that I am thinking about using.

I have a few more items in the works that I plan on releasing before summer festival season starts. Has it brought you business for your photography? It helps a lot.