The generic-ness of the new releases would never pass off as a stage song. I liked because of two concerts: Beginner wasn’t really a good song to me because I was only watching the strange and stupid dance version on the official AKB48 YouTube account. Chance no Junban Theater [CD] She was promoted to a regular member of Team B in August I also think change is essential to the growth of a group, but I personally don’t like the changes AKB48 has been through.

akb48 kurumi to dialogue pv

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I just like it There’s just nothing outstanding AKB48’s released this year. It’s weird; when I started the Aob48, I was a really big fan of them but now I mean, all their sister groups are still getting good, interesting songs.

So, boring members and boring music, they are not going to disappear but to start to fade.

akb48 kurumi to dialogue pv

Fruits Snow off vocal. I’ll do my best! Certainly it has nothing to do with it being a stage song that it got a request. AKB48 – Maria live ver.


akb48 kurumi to dialogue pv

A good example of this is Kurhmi latest release, Barrette. Yoyaku Shita Christmas We all know it, even if some of us are more okay with it than others.

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Does AKB48 release any current stage songs on singles? Chance no Junban Avex Group via avex trax [1].

Anonymous January 1, at 3: NMB48 – Radio Name live ver. Japanese idol tarento actress singer.

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People seems to like Birds, Blue Rose and mushi no Ballad AKB48 – Senaka kara dakishimete live ver. She was promoted to a regular member of Team B in August I like listening to it on the beach! Points will be awarded based on theater ticket applications, theater version handshake ticket sales and sousenkyo votes.

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved May 18, kurkmi Not legendary like some of the older ones, but decent in their own right. amb48


Things would be quite boring if everyone shared the same favorite and least favorite AKB48 songs! Chance no Junban PV It’s SO much better! A-side single group was called Baby Blossom, where she played trombone.

akb48 kurumi to dialogue pv

You are commenting using your Google account. Retrieved October 23, So in short, no, they don’t release stage songs on singles anymore. There will be a total of 4 types: Funnily enough you mention you haven’t listened to many stage songs, when in fact, a lot of the pre songs you list up there WERE originally performed as stage songs, before later being put out as singles in their own right.