Aphrodite This artistic action adds a heavenly mist effect to your image. Alelatriller Coulours Action No longer available. Another set of sketching Photoshop actions that can be applied non-destructively and adjusted to your liking. The action works with both Photoshop and Lightroom. Teeth Whitening Photoshop Actions. Photoshop Action 8 Warm up your photos by manipulating the color with this action. Faded Daydreams Fade your photo and add a light ivory tint.

akcje do photoshopa cs3

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Give your photos an artistic black and white effect based on a technique by Adobe creative director Russell Preston Brown.

Portrait Photoshop Actions | Adobe Photoshop Actions

Apply an interesting copper look to your photos with the help of photosyopa free Photoshop action. Free Lighten Up Action Need to fix your dark, underexposed photos? Thanks for sharing this ultimate collection!

This Photoshop action makes use of various brushes, filters, and effects to create a vintage art look. Violet Shine Photoshop Action Make your photos glimmer with lavender luminescence.

54 free Photoshop actions

The following sets of free Photoshop actions will help you change the color of the skin, eyes, enhance teeth, smooth a skin tone, make the eyes brighter and more expressive. Action Pack 1 Six Photoshop actions, each with the same goal-to make your photos look stylish and fun.


Photoshop Orange Tones Action This Photoshop action brings out phtoshopa orange tones in your photos to give them a warm look. Make your photos appear more dynamic with these Photoshop actions that come as a part of your Envato Elements subscription. Create an earthy look with this emerald-tinted action.

Action No longer available.

50 Free Time-Saving Photoshop Actions for Creatives

Photoshoa works with both Photoshop and Lightroom. Photoshop Action — Bright Eyes Make those baby blues sing with this action that brings out the color in blue eyes.

How to Add Actions in Photoshop. Free 2 Pencils Photoshop Action Turn your photographs into pencil sketches with this action that mimics the look of a good old-fashioned 2 pencil, like the ones you used to use in school. Choose this Photoshop action if you want to make your food photography pop.

Free Cinema Photoshop Action Make your photos look like they came right off the big screen with this cinematic Photoshop action. Most photographers agree that retouching wedding pictures can be a total mess.

akcje do photoshopa cs3

The pack includes a total of 10 actions. October 5, at Draindrops This quirky action creates the effects of falling raindrops on a dry window. Sparkle Photoshop Action Downloads.

50 Free Time-Saving Photoshop Actions

Ice Pop Chill out your image with high contrast and arctic colors. If your portrait, travel, lifestyle or phptoshopa images lack beautiful cross processed, HDR and color effects, be sure to take advantage of these sets with 18 diverse effects. Autumn Vintage Add a vintage tint that calls the colors of autumn to mind. This powerful set of Photoshop actions gives you everything you need to optimise images for sharing on Facebook.


Angel Action Your image will seem like paradise with this action, which simulates heavenly light. InFection Darkens and colorizes your photos for a rich, moody look.

akcje do photoshopa cs3

If you want to apply a soft, almost pastel-like look to your photos, this collection of Photoshop actions is a must. Vintage Action Set 4 Create vintage-style photography in four different colored tints. Photoshop Color Play Effects Make your color photographs pop with this free action.

Denim Leather Transforms your logo into an embossed leather patch on a denim pattern background. To get more access to exclusive content, follow us on: Vivid 3 A simplified verison of Vivid 2 with a subtle color boost and vignette effect.

The actions mimic Instagram filters.