And after fighting, healing, and clawing your way through, your fingers will probably be tired and sweaty by the time you reach Alcahest. Alen will also find five allies that join him at predetermined points of some levels. The player is also able to attack enemies using a sword, which can also be charged for a special attack, different depending on the elemental Guardian selected. The player’s vitality decreases when attacked. When th at happens, a hero will arrive and ultimately vanquish Alcahest and his forces.

alcahest snes

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alcahest snes

In short, its sword needs some slight sharpening, but Alcahest or Alcshest, technically is up and ready to do great battle for peace, for justice, and for a nice little spot in our hearts right along with a certain pink puffball who has made HAL Labs so famous in the first place.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. The player’s vitality decreases when attacked. HAL Laboratory is perhaps most famous for its Kirby series.

alcahest snes

This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. This time the hero is a random warrior named Allen, who must reunite the Four Guardians of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth and take on Babilom and Alcahest to restore peace to the realm. They are the young alachest Garstein, the princess Elikshil, the knight Sirius, the android Magna and the shape-shifter dragon goddess Nevis.

The little pink puff has gobbled and scarfed his way to our hearts with his simple but charming adventures. Though they cannot be controlled directly, allies attack and use special moves when the corresponding button is pressed. Also scattered in the game are treasure chests that contain more life, magic, holy cups that will refill the health bar when it hits zero, a temporary upgrade to your sword that will shoot a small rolling beam, or an important item needed to advance the game like a key, a gas mask, or an ID card.


He will bestow hate and death to the world and its peaceful inhabitants. This section is empty. When th at happens, a hero will arrive and ultimately vanquish Alcahest and his forces. Electronic Gaming Monthly allcahest Also of a side note; alcxhest late and much-loved Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was involved in this project as a producer. During your travels you will encounter the young wizard Garstein, the princess Elikshil, the knight Sirius, the android Magna, and the dragon goddess Nevis, who will accompany and depart from you in various areas of the game.

The toughest bout is with the final boss, which there are two incarnations. The hero can also charge up his attack to deal more damage to foes. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

The worlds themselves look like they might have come from Secret of Mana, which is of little wonder since Square Soft was involved.

The player gains points by alvahest enemies and bosses. Home Reviews Alcahest Review. Every time he vanquishes an enemy, points will be rewarded which will add another continue.

Alcahest [Japan] – Super Nintendo (SNES) rom download |

The game is an overhead adventure, and Allen starts out by walking in eight directions run by double-tapping the directionsnds his sword, and blocking certain projectiles by standing still and facing a direction.


Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Having a companion to help you fight is fun, though, and Elikshil can use magic that can heal Alcahhest, making boss fights a little easier. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Alcahest Review – SNES HUB

Super Mario World 2nd Opinion. The soundtrack to Alcahest is its greatest strength; it is composed by Jun Ishikawa of Kirby fame and uses the same type of soundfont used in Kirby Super Star. There are some frustrating moments like fighting bosses that can and will clobber you if you are careless, wasteful, or forgot to collect certain armor that will let you take snws hits.

Each piece of music feels either more exploratory or heart-pounding, and the credits tune, if it could talk, will tell you that playing through was worth it.

Alcahest [Japan]

This action game —related article is a stub. After specific boss fights, the player gains the abilities of one of the four snse Guardians.

Iwata should be very proud to have produced this game. This brings about the revival of the alcahestt Alcahest, the namesake of the game. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.