Strings too but I’m not a fan of the sound before 12 minutes or the ending. Now you’re on the road again with nothing but a few suitcases containing your past, land for your roots. A catchy sound 3 minutes in as it changes again and the vocals return. The organs tend to add texture to the rhythm and understated guitar riffs, whereas the moog-ish synths play some bright lead work. Buy in bulk and save. It leads to “Claudette”, a long, complex track describes in music and words a dialogue between an old man and a little child. Although not as theatrical a performance as some of the other Italian prog coming out these days, he has a powerful resonance to his voice.

alphataurus attosecondo

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I’m not a fan of the vocal harmonies to end it. The music alternates some aggressive parts with delicate, dreamy passages and a strong sense of melody. Their age regardless, Alphataurus have proven that their sound- and by extension, the sound of Italian progressive rock- is timeless, and that is quite an accomplishment in of itself. It builds during this instrumental section. Alphataurus – AttosecondO mini lp. They still retain a attosecondoo of the hard rock edges in places but in truth AttosecondO could be the work of an entirely different band.

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alphataurus attosecondo

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This box set was also issued in Japan by Disk Union DUPG with the same package as the original but including a second CD with a new version, remastered by Pietro Pellegrini, of the four tracks issued in with the title Dietro l’uragano.


alphataurus attosecondo

Although the production standard enjoys the conveniences of modern technology and a lifetime of experience, Alphataurus are in essence the band they were when they left the public ear decades ago. Both these albums have gatefold covers designed by Adriano Marangoni, who also created the first LP attoseconddo. This is not meant in any way as a criticism – it would be ridiculous to expect a band to return after such a length and sound alpjataurus same.

Potent power metal gets knotted up by head-spinning, proggy song constructions on the music of Hyvmine. Viento Bravo by Melange. But you can never go back in time, you have to grow up quickly while the contrary winds of life rage on you. Their one and only album, Alphataurusthe first on the newly born label, is a masterpiece, so well crafted and played that it seems impossible that’s been made by a group of unknowns. Buy in bulk and save. You may also like Search Advanced Search Search Tips.

But now it could be too late and perhaps you would have better to think of leaving this planet and embark on an interstellar journey through the stars to find a new source of life, a stream that would make you strong.

Alphataurus – AttosecondO mini lp – Doug Larson Imports

The latter exists in a standard blac vinyl pressing alphataurys in a limited clear vinyl edition. As is the case for most Italian prog, Anglophones will be left in the dark as far as lyrics go, although the emotion is certainly there. You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not.

alphataurus attosecondo

If that wasn’t enough to indicate Alphataurus are back on their feet, they have done something that quite a few RPI fans had alphatauus for ages. Having played in some important festivals inthe group was offered by Vittorio De Scalzi of New Trolls a recording deal for his new label, Magma. Alphataurus-AttosecondO Italian prog psych mini lp cd.


There’s the obligatory nod to the classic seventies band’s here but in truth the new Alphataurus have more in common with, though not necessarily sounding like the new breed of RPI such as Il Tempio Delle Clessidre, La Coscienza Di Zeno and Ubi Maior to name a few.

Great sound 6 minutes in and we get passionate vocals before 8 minutes but they are brief. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. It kicks in a minute later with lots of keys and drums.

ALPHATAURUS AttosecondO reviews

Latest members reviews 4. The front artwork, as for the previous “Live in Bloom”, has been made by Adriano Marangoni, the same artist who, almost 40 alphafaurus ago, painted the marvellous debut album cover. It attossecondo right down with piano and reserved vocals as the organ also joins in. The music of the last track, “Valigie di terra” Suitcases of landtells in music and words the need to set off following a dream to live, the need to move on breaking the borders of a unsatisfying reality looking for a new life and a spiritual rebirth.

Valige Di Terra The tempo picks up big time after 2 minutes before settling back a minute later.