Assets and the City. Tailor-made stainless solutions for chemical tankers Activating Your Ideas Tailor-made stainless solutions for chemical tankers Because every ship is one of a kind When moving precious cargo there is no substitute for stainless steel to getting the most More information. It explains the basic principles More information. I have used star tons but was wondering what star-works is like. Download Full Movies Free Khakee.

althima shipworks

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You can also More information. Autodesk Fusion Badge Guide: With our unique solution you have the power to create, althimz minutes, these kind of images based on the same 3D model you use for manufacturing. Tailored solutions by Althima Tif you don’t see a product that fits your need exactly, we also have our Tailored Solutions service.

Scalable, robust fluid flow and thermal simulation solution Fast, accurate, and flexible solution to test the fluid flow and thermal performance of your design Accurately predict behavior, optimize designs.


Autodesk Revit MEP software helps mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering firms meet the heightened demands of today s global. The system offers a wide range of inward and outward More information. A Data Mining Analysis to evaluate the additional workloads caused by welding distortions A Data Mining Analysis to evaluate the additional workloads caused by welding distortions Losseau N. This versatile apthima More information.


Corrosion protection of crude oil cargo tanks new IMO regulations Guidance note oil cargo tanks new IMO regulations Alrhima for shipowners and operators, manufacturers and ship builders 1. ArtiosCAD is the world s leading structural More information.

Autodesk Inventor Questions and Answers Contents 1.

althima shipworks

Custom machine design Packaging machine design Mechanism design Machine tool design Material More information. Solid Edge structural frames and weldments Solid Edge structural frames and weldments White Paper Intelligent, process-specific applications that speed time to manufacturing. This partnership helps ship builders to find qualified designers because SolidWorks is the most used shipwprks CAD software worldwide.

althima shipworks

Because 3D give us an image so close to reality, it is possible to detect potential problems before production and consequently to spare several hours in manufacturing. It explains the basic principles. Courtesy of CNV – Spain.


Architecture Design without compromise. SHIPWORKS ShipWorks is based upon a new technology that merges both 2D and 3D, allowing users to create both general and detail projects in shipwodks and, afterwards create all the 2D drawings for manufacturing and for the classification societies in a fast and easy way.

PDM is the foundation. Philipp Weihs weihs mail. Start display at page:. Our experience is vouched by a path of many years in the environment of SolidWorks and by the contribution of our clients, having obtained a practical solution of great aid for altjima ships production industry.


I can’t edit or create any planes. I have used star tons but was wondering what star-works is like. Designed by XOR Media.

althima shipworks

Our expertise is based on more than 12 years experience with SolidWorks and for the close collaboration with our customers. Rectangular sheet metal plates creations on the hull. Background to the new requirements Following incidents resulting from structural More information.

It generates 3D digital models of the items. Reality Many product designers and engineers who are researching additive RP systems as a way to test form, fit and function of their prototypes may be unaware that there is. Every time I try, it will freeze for a second, then windows just shows solidworks is not responding.

Definitive Design From conception to construction documentation, design projects within an intuitive environment. ShipWorks; Imprimer; Envoyer par email.