What is different however, is that collections also expose services that allow you to do things such as query XML documents using XPath or update resources in a transactionally secure manner. The col attribute specifies the collection where the document can be found and the key attribute provides the key of the original document. The collection we want to create will be named mycollection and will be a child of the root collection. Active 6 years, 6 months ago. Don’t worry nothing hard. By default Xindice assumes that the client and server are running on the same machine, and the server is running on port Note that the map is from Object to Object, so you can store any object your application requires.

apache xindice

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To do this, you just need to rename Xindice WAR file to xindice.

The Xindice server includes a command line program named xindice that allows you to manage the data stored in the server.

The states might be controlled by a finite state machine, but apaceh document’s current xindcie would be stored in the metadata associated with it. What this means is that to the largest extent possible you work with XML tools and technologies when working with the data in the server.

XML provides an extremely flexible mechanism for modeling application data and in many cases will allow you to model constructs that are difficult or impossible to model in more traditional systems. Run these commands to add the documents.

Xindice Developer Guide

Once you do this you can switch between the instances by simply changing the first component of the path. Changed the kernel to enable running it embedded without exiting the VM on startup error and exit. In order to query single documents you use the queryResource method and to query an entire collection you use the query method.


Future versions of this documentation will cover this area in more detail. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. In this case since we’re writing for Xindice we use org.

apache xindice

In many ways the Xindice database can be viewed as a simple file store. No key is provided so one will be generated automatically by the server.

Apache Xindice XML database 1.0rc2 Released

The port setting configuration depends on the servlet engine you use. While we could easily create this collection using the command line tools it will be more fun to see how you might do this from your own program.

The development team has added two new members and it is expected we’ll add several more in the coming weeks. It is useful within the context of an XML database as well as in standalone implementations for general XML applications.

Now that we’ve seen the result, let’s dive in and look at the code in detail. The final element about our example program worth noting is the finally clause. These paths will switch between a Xindice server with a root collection of db and one of db2. The server is currently suitable for medium volume XML storage applications.

The Cover Pages: Apache Xindice XML database rc2 Released

XUpdate gives you a declarative method to insert nodes, remove nodes, and change nodes within an XML document. Xindice provides an implementation of the XML: In this chapter we’ll look at using the XML: It currently tracks the type of resource referenced, creation time and last modification time of the resource.


I tried some examples from the internet and it worked, but I have to run the server before running my applications.

DB object right after its creation. More serious attention will be payed to encoding issues in the 1. For more information, please explore the Attic. I don’t want to run the server because my application runs locally and I don’t want to disturb the user with the server.

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However, there is still much that needs to be done. Since you can have more then one object in a collection with the same name there is an order of precedence that is applied when evaluating a path. Now that our driver is registered we’re ready to retrieve the collection that we want to work with.

apache xindice

This is especially true when it comes to the Xindice specific services that are included with the server. The collection we want to create will be named mycollection and will be a child of the root collection.

Xindice allows a developer to store metadata that is associated with any collection or document.