In Hanoch created another album, “Rak Ben-Adam” Only human which wasn’t very successful because it was partially made in England. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Until the mids, in parallel to releasing his own original albums, Einstein concurrently released a series of albums under the name “The Old and Good Land of Israel” which encompassed a multitude of genres — songs of the homeland from the beginning of Jewish settlement to the “Ballroom” songs from the 50s — using modern adaptations with musicians such as Shem-Tov Levi, Yoni Rechter and Avner Kenner. The album is considered one of the most influential albums in Israeli rock, and many have chosen it as the greatest Israeli rock album of all time. In the album was released in Israel by CBS and sold out in stores very fast. In Hanoch guest starred as himself on the comedy show “Red Band” that deals with the Israeli music industry.

arik einstein hameitav

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He believed that the Hebrew language was intrinsic to his music. In Hanoch created another album, “Rak Ben-Adam” Only human which wasn’t very successful because it was partially made in England.

Shalom Hanoch

Retrieved 8 May In London Shalom signed a contract with producer and music publisher Dick Jameswho worked with Elton John that time. It also contained personal songs and love songs. The burial was led hwmeitav one of his closest friends, Uri Zohara former Israeli film director, actor, and comedian who became a rabbi and with whom Einstein has 17 common grandchildren two of Einstein’s daughters became religious and married Zohar’s oldest sons.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Arik Einstein. His hospitalization in the hours leading up to his death was closely monitored and reported by every news network in Israel with all three major news channels broadcasting the developments as “breaking news” for hours.

arik einstein hameitav

We are Hebrew artists, why should we pretend otherwise? The group embarked on a last, successful tour which recouped some of its losses. Shalom composed enistein of the band’s songs. Tamouz went on a performance tour which was very successful.

Shalom Hanoch – Wikipedia

It conceptualized the liberal bohemian wave that had reached Tel Aviv by the late s and gave way to exceptional artistry and performance as seen in “Lool”. His father urged him to audition for an army entertainment troupe, and he was accepted into the Lahakat HaNahal troupe. They had a daughter and a son: Most of these songs talked about Hanoch’s life, after a bitter divorce from his wife. However, due to his poor eyesight, his father encouraged him to try out for the army band.

InHaaretz columnist Ariel Hirschfeld wrote: For this reason he ceased to perform public concerts afterdespite many attractive offers which in the late s even reached seven figures. Their daughter Yasmin was born in In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Arik Einstein

A year later, inthey remarried. As a child his musical talent was known in the kibbutz, and until he discovered Rock musiche listened to a wide variety of genres from Classicalthrough Russian folk musicGospeland Blues. He is considered to be the father of Israeli rock and one of the most important eindtein of that area.


In Hanoch recorded a solo album in English, Shalom. In the album was released in Israel by CBS and sold out in stores very fast. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Eistein interviewed many years later and asked about that period in Europe Einstein stated “Performing in a different language?

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Through both high public and critical acclamation, Einstein is regarded as the greatest, most popular, and the most influential Israeli artist of all time. The songs were very complex, and dealt with Hanoch’s divorce, relationships, money and success.

By the age of 14, he had completed his first song — Laila Night. But the complex, unusual song “Prague,” which dealt with the Soviet invasion of the capital of the Czech Republic, was not well received by the audience.

Tamouz reunited for a few tours inand also performed in the memory of Meir Ariel hameigava year after his death. Views Read Edit View history. That’s my natural habitat, where I’m not bashful.

arik einstein hameitav

In Hanoch flew to London in order to start an international career. However, it then disbanded due to its poor finances and Zilber’s dissatisfaction with the band’s musical type and genre.