There is no need for that. At the moment the width is calculated automatically given the height. Some more information needed. That’s good news to hear! You currently have javascript disabled. Users don’t have to wait a long time before they can enjoy their movies with subtitles.

aviaddxsubs v7.0

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AVIAddXSubs: Incorporate subtitles (.srt) to avi files quick and easily [Archive] – Doom9’s Forum

It worked at least for the people made the report. And believe me, I have tried many muxing programs to test.

aviaddxsubs v7.0

There is a question. Maybe also a option to scale vertical in a next version?

Several functions aviaddxsibs not work. Could it be possible to specify the output file in the command line? Create your file, you’ll end up with a problematic output file: This is the idea against giving those line numbers.

aviaddxsubs v7.0

When the subtitled file is successfully generated the original source avi is deleted. Your can write the file somewhere and pass it there to a pipe. I guess you use some kind of library function to construct the xsub bitmap, maybe you can take a look if there is support for that? I narrowed it down and tried various things. Subtitle effect looks better on Toshiba than philips;but Toshiba machine won’t show subtitles if it is Divx3.


aviaddxsubs v7.0

Good luck everyone and enjoy! The condenced fonts are good to read. So I have to apply the same fix for Arabic too.

Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! But is the first to report at least some occasional problems with your DVD player.

PS3 Divx Subtitles: How to Add Soft Subs (Updated)

And yes, with this tool there’s no limit in file size, it doesn’t break PS3 playback over 4GB, so probably it was the previously used program for muxing by both bluedha80 and me that corrupted the output for PS3. I’m back to report some findings with avi 2. I mean that, since the version 7.

No, thickness is in pixels. However, I discover one problem, and I am not sure why. You currently have javascript disabled. I have to admit that Milcoi insistence during last months was worthwhile: Some players work better with this option checked and other when it is v7.0. Just a load and save with its copy function. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Is a complete product of the player.


For example try smaller VP. The second request is not possible. Outline Color Color 4: The resolution you are referring has to do with subtitle bitmaps, not the resolution of the video content. But first test how things behave if you just don’t activate subtitles.

Hi, I wonder if it is possible to add a new option in the next release. Let’s answer some questions first: