Blog Stats 36, hits. God, I like her dialect, archaic is best said by a little cute girl. Guess I will pick this up someday…. This is a troll! Thank you for your understanding and all the wonderful offers!


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Murasaki A pervert merchant. I hope the team responsible for this game makes another title soon!

[Nitro+] Axanael

I felt so dumb after that. You are commenting using your Google account. What is she, a DV victim?


Kanda Oda Another disguised axxnael. Hooking up two of the characters with a seemingly abysmal subcharacters? Rokurou An AV producer. August 22, at August 24, at 8: With the CV as our little loli humanoid puppymy reaction as I realized it was something equivalent to the following picture: And this is the person that the creepy yandere was looking for: Email required Address never made public.


With the CV as our little loli humanoid puppymy reaction as I realized it was something equivalent to the following picture:. Even his beginning scenes involve him losing horribly at the Pachinko a gambling game Center, and returning with absolutely no money in his pocket, the reader is suddenly pushed into an H-scene. His expired Kuri Manju is one of the element of uproar in Akihabara.



Wait a sec, so you played it in japanese right? Akihabara Hit — Miss — Miss 5. And it seems I got brainwashed with her quote too, lol. At first glance, he is a cynical otaku who is a failure at everything: Sakura Tsukinoyo A plain yankee leader. Despite seemingly axanel main protagonist, she shares the same amount of spotlight as the other characters.

Are you feeling Lucky? Review of []Axanael | Visual Novels and Eroge Review

Alice Soft games are heavy too, but I still can play it on Windows 7. Sumaga is a different title that is produced by Nitroplus, but they use it too frequently, and becomes a huge element itself in the beginning games, as if they were trying to market it. No save support, but it will autosave whenever you exit the game.

Suzu Cosplaying as a nurse make her perfect. Can you believe this is a game from ?!

But I praise the characted design, and the dialect is very okama-ish. The story is not bad.


Chiaki is normally a coward, being easily startled or intimidated, but with his relationship with Ena, azanael character, this character slowly changes throughout the entire game. Vivin March 15, at 6: Both the CG and BGM are rather low quality, but most of the points are from the various special effects throughout the game.

But these guys make it not-so-boring… Props if you can guess who that pink-haired character is!

To be honest, I even thought at the possibility of you ending up hating this game, so I am glad you appreciated it so much! In this mode there is an additional axanaell called Kagome Asobi.