A testing tool that comprises a test driver and a test comparator. A test case design technique for a component or system in which test case design is based upon the syntax of the input. Testing of programs or procedures used to convert data from existing systems for use in replacement systems. After [ Beizer ]. First developed in [2] and released in , the standard “defines vocabulary, processes, documentation, techniques, and a process assessment model for testing that can be used within any software development lifecycle. Suggested test design techniques in this group are [11]:.


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The percentage of boundary values bs795-1 the component’s equivalence classes which have been exercised by a test case suite. Software Impelementation Process Group”. Computer software, Computer programs, Program testing, Computer applications, Performance testing, Software engineering techniques, Vocabulary Software engineering.

A program point at which the control flow has two or more alternative routes.

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A program that generates test cases in accordance to a specified strategy or heuristic. Actual outcome or predicted outcome.

The insertion of additional code into the program in order to collect information about program behaviour during program execution. A mechanism to produce the predicted outcomes to compare with the actual outcomes of the software under test.


An approach to integration testing where the lowest level component s are tested first, then used to facilitate the testing of higher level component s. Testing where the system is subjected to large volumes of data.


Retrieved 24 June Testing whether the system is compatible with other systems with which it should communicate. A meta language used to formally describe the syntax of a language.

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The percentage of data definition-use pairs in a component that are exercised by a test case suite. A review of requirements, designs or code characterized by the author of the object under review guiding the progression of the review. A data definition and computation data usewhere the data use uses the value defined in the data definition. Some terms are preferred to other synonymous ones, in which case, the definition of the preferred term appears, with the synonymous ones referring to that.


Suggested test design techniques in this group are [11]:. A variable whether stored within a component or outside it that is read by the component. Testing of new features after regression testing of previous features. A variation of top-down testing where the progressive integration of vs7925-1 s follows the implementation of subsets of the requirements, as opposed to the integration of component s by successively lower levels.

ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 Software Testing

You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or A sequence bs7952-1 executable statements of a componentfrom an entry point to an exit point. A record of the test planning process detailing the degree of tester indedendencethe test environmentthe test case design techniques and test measurement techniques to be used, and the rationale for their choice.

See non-functional requirements testing. The percentage of executable statements in a component that have been exercised by a bss7925-1 case suite. This standard gives terms and definitions to aid communication in software testing and related disciplines. Stuart Reid, convenor of WG26, replied to some of these and other opposing viewpoints in Bz7925-1 [21]though it’s not clear if any further action by WG26 was taken due to software testers’ complaints. The use of software to control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomesthe setting up of test precondition s, and other test control and test reporting functions.


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This website is best viewed with browser version of up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3. The full specification of a function would normally comprise one or more behaviour s. Separation of responsibilities which ensures the accomplishment of objective evaluation.

An analysis method hs7925-1 determines which parts of the software have been executed covered by the test case suite and which parts have not been executed and therefore may require additional attention. Integration testing where the interfaces between system component s are tested. The behavior actually produced when the object is tested under specified conditions.