For details about the login name and password, consult your network administrator. Page 15 Print speed for OHP transparencies is slower than for plain pa- per. However, if there is problem, contact the store where they were purchased. A dialog box prompting you to perform the remaining configuration tasks in the Web browser appears. Click the Web browser’s [Refresh] button to refresh the entire browser screen. C Enter a command.

c7528n driver

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Duplex Unit The duplex feed unit is not correctly set. Configuring the printer without NetWare A When not printing, the network interface board sends packets over the network.

The [Paper] page appears. K Select the printer indicated as [Not Installed]. If not, drivfr knob R2 until it is visi- ble.

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If a print job is being processed, the printer will be reset after the print job is completed. This could be because it use the same account name as the administrator account. Check gradation correction sheet 1. You can receive data at any speed.


B Enter a login user name and password, and then click [OK]. The vertical adjustment is used for all trays.

c7528n driver

E Click [E-mail] on the [Device Settings] area. Cooling Down Fusing Unit The rendezvous function is disabled. Page Due to sudden temperature change, condensation might ap- pear inside the printer, reducing print quality. Holding the fusing unit handle as shown, slowly pull eriver fusing unit up, and then put it down on a surface.

Apple NRG Printer Driver for Mac OS X Driver – TechSpot

Page Troubleshooting Close the cartridge’s faceplate. Page 27 The initial screen appears.

DHCP lease time has expired. You can select from the following paper types: For example, a printer with the model number might use the driver for the “” or ” Series. The values are between — Back The staple of booklet finisher back is exhausted.

c7528n driver

Page vriver Possible Additional cautions When printing on the reverse side of plain paper that is already printed on, select [Plain: Get tech support here. Header area The link to help and dialog box for keyword search appears. If you turn it in the reverse direction, paper feeds into the printer, making it difficult for you to take out.


Apple NRG Printer Driver 10.0 for Mac OS X

Notification timing and e-mail content can be set. Page 22 Paper and Other Media Release the side guide lock. The print server is not registered or a password is specified. Cannot create service connection In the remote printer mode Connection to the file server has not been established.

Nrg Cn Pcl6 File Name: To view the downloaded Web Image Monitor Help, set the path to the location of the decompressed file. If your printer was made in the last several years, it probably doesn’t require a driver.

Page 53 Replacing Consumables and Maintenance Kit Loosen the two screws fastening the inner cover, using the provided screwdriver. Just wait until it resumes. Please help us drvier a helpfull driver collection.