Mazhar Khaleqi – Collection IX. Mazhar Khaleqi – Collection X. Rezan – Em Kurdin. But the melody is only a very supple frame, subject to constant modifications and to continuous renewal a renewal which helps to perfect the music and provides a guarantee of its perennial quality. Ketaki Mategaonkar , Adarsh Shinde.

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Urfi – Harshavardhan Wavare. Abbas Kamandi – Galawej.

chnar mp3

Chnar – Dli mn. This structural scheme is the same for religious songs as well as for the dilok.

Kurdish Love Music : Chiya Qadri : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

As in the case of the other folk musics of the Near East, that of Kurdistan is monodic; the melody itself has a fundamentally vocal character; the instrumental accompaniment is intended above all to put the listener in a certain mood to chnag him more receptive to the vocal message.


Siwan Perwer – Agiri. Qadr Asaad – Shayi. Leila Fariqi – Gwem Le Girin.

Tahir Tofiq – Collection V. You may also like. O Maria Urfi – Harshavardhan Wavare. Instrumental Abhas Ha Killari – Instrumental.

chnar mp3

Zhaleh – Xoshm Dawey. Automatically playing similar songs.

Chinar Mahesh

Timepass 2 – Anand Shinde. Tu Ekaki Killari – Hariharan. Shahiya Strana – Halparke. The nomadic way of life had a profound effect on cultural life and especially on music. Apply Language Selection Please select the language s of the music you listen to.

Shalmali KholgadeNikhil D’souza. Hasan Zirak – Collection II. Shubh Lagna Saavdhaan – Pallavi Kelkar. Loka Zahir – Habu Nabu.

chnar mp3

Transmitted orally from generation to generation, the song, as a general rule, retains quite faithfully its original words. Are you sure you want to continue? Khezri – Allay Spi. Hasan Zirak – Collection V. O Saathi Re Chinar Kharkar. Bakhtiar Saleh – Amire. Bakhtiar Saleh – Collection I. Swapnil BandodkarMahalaxmi Ayyer. Nawroji Jasraj JoshiKirti Killedar. Sheelachya aaicha gho Sharyat – Urmila Dhangar.


Dhanak Dhanak Siddharth Mahadevan. Rampaat – Saurabh Salunkhe.