It should work now. Plus I also love to buy random ring, the one that randomizes the notes. Back in the days I was playing o2jam, I still have to load up points just to play new songs. But wait, there’s more! There should be less audio issues in this release.

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New in this release: This site uses cookies. Feel free to visit – https: It’s been years since I shared 30 O2jam songs that I really love most. It should work now. So here’s the second batch of my Top O2jam Songs for you to download Y’all ready to break your keyboards?

Feel free to post here or send us message for your questions about o2mania.

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You know what’s good in o2mania? Alpha 6 June 8, — 9: However, eventually, hopefully, we find xloser people who can help us with creating new O2Jam notecharts!


You can download every song that you want, for free. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Apologies for the long looooooooooong notechart that we’re making!

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Also, I strongly recommend to check java for the latest version. We also now can read practically any OJM!!

Sadly, The Palace of Sound site is down. Bring back the o2jam spirit.

Happy holidays dear o2jammers! Hope this one is clearer. Here we are again! OJM doc added January 9, — 3: A bit of nostalgia for you guys: This is an update on the song we’re working on for the past weeks. We are happy to announce o2mwnia our website is now live!

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Special note xloser Mac OS X users: Anyhow, here is the download. Today we got some interface improvements! As always, make sure you have the latest java installed. Alpha 4 February 20, — 2: Alpha 2 December 13, — Alpha 7 November 22, — 8: To be honest with you all, only one of us is making this notechart. We will keep you updated!