Premium theme for celebration? Characters and story aside, I still have a blast playing and taking screenshots. Nice,Happy Birthday Second Son…I never expected Second Son to be so good but you guys at SP did an incredible job with it and with 1st Light too…congratulations and thanks for such amazing games. Just started the game two days ago. Still, thanks for the cool stuff ;. Thanks for being awesome and giving me countless hours of joy.

delsin rowe ringtone

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In the meantime, which one of you is playing Helldivers?

delsin rowe ringtone

Are the PS4 themes dynamic? You guys were the best in Sorry, you may not access this content. So I contacted support, who told me that I would have to wait six months to deactivate and reactivate the consoles. Hopefully in the future, bonus features like this can launch closer to the games release.

Thanks for the fan kit! Second Son playstation games sucker punch. But what about the Vita?

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I love both games, how about getting us those avatars for PlayStation Network use? My account got hacked one way or another. What do you think the odds are they I will buy another one next year??? I want a SS part 2 stat! When I got my account back, and went to delsiin it — I was told my PS could not be activated because I already had 2 activated.


Keep up ringgtone great work. The PS4 team is celebrating too! I recently purchased this game and have really been enjoying it. Will Vita ever see Infamous on it?

inFAMOUS Second Son Turns One: Free Wallpapers, Ringtones & More

They told me they could not help me. Ah, sorry about that. D So how many copies did SS sell exactly? Code Vein Out Tomorrow: Whomever stole my account, also deactivated my PlayStations.

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They remain my favorite PS4 experiences and I had a blast with the game from start to finish. Hoping for a Second Son 2 or InFamous 3. Characters and story aside, I still have a blast playing and taking screenshots.

Both Infamous games for the PS4 are simply top notch games and a lot of fun to play and come back to. Please enter your date of birth. Great stuff and I think I have a new favorite ringtone now. This is one of the greatest PS4 games yet. How is immaterial at this point.


GT Sport Patch 1. Congrats on the anniversary Sucker Punch! Premium theme ringtoone celebration?

delsin rowe ringtone

Second, we have drlsin free downloadable fan kit for everyone! Share this story Share this on Facebook Share this on Facebook opens in a new window Share this on Twitter Share this on Twitter opens in a new window. Sucks that PS4 doesnt let us have any choice of avatars.