We prepared small example for communication between Node-RED and our device. Move the jumper from position 2 to position 1. Registered mail Posts , table based cost. Wire transfer , please contact with us for Proforma-Invoice. YES since hardware revision Rev.: The user may edit the relay name from this field. Before opening some snmp relay board it is necessary to type the IP address, port and snmp community Password.

denkovi relay manager

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When this is checked then Auto connect function is enabled and when some file nanager loaded if some of the relay boards in this file was previously in states USB 8 Relay Manager.

In this way the state eventually won’t be changed. It depends on what kind of relay board do you use and what is the communication latency. It can be integrated in other software and you don’t need to know much about how the USB relay board protocol.

This is because it must be verified via interenet with the chips database.

USB 8 Relay Manager – Denkovi A E LTD

The possible relay modes are:. Credit Cardswe accept Visa, MasterCard. Demo video how you can control the USB 8 Channel relay board from command line, browser and tablet the same time manaer of our command line tool. It turns OFF all the relays from the selected relay board and it doesn’t matter what is the relay mode. DRM Installation guide for Windows.


DRM Software

It is recommended the supply rleay to be 12 VDC but 24 VDC also will work in case you have 24V relay board and want single power supply source.

For developers we provide software examples in Java. Wire transferplease contact with us for Proforma-Invoice.

It can perform single pulse, many pulses and even cycles with more complex sequences of pulses and every pulse can be with different time in miliseconds. It has 8 bit data output register. If the connection is sucsessful, status It shows this relay is currently set ON, i.

Each relay board is shown with relaay name which may be set by the field “Device name” For example if the number relays of currently selected relay board is 16, there will be 16 manzger in this panel.

If this button is clicked once the state will become OFF. Just type one command and the the tool will set, get relay status or even will take temperature value from the board sensor if any. List with currently supported Denkovi relay boards. Note that the user edit only the total units. This IP relay board can be controlled from: It is possible to be controlled by: Supports independent weekly schedule for up to 30 events without connection to computer.


DHL Express servicefixed cost at More information about the integration with our hardware – http: Now you can power on the whole kit for example plug the supply maanager into the electricity network.

SNMP 2 Relay Board – Web controlled

Screenshot Timer Mode – here. It shows how does the relay board looks like. There are so many other uses I will find for this device. It is for giving name of each relay board.

denkovi relay manager

This button deletes the currently selected state from the timer playlist. Subscribe to news View all news. DPDfixed cost at

denkovi relay manager