For whatever reason, when I see your email address, I’m thinking Ja Rule. SSL slider is set to 2. Maybe they don’t want to pay as it would make the cost go up considerably. At first I didn’t think it would work at all. DJunique can you please send me the updated map with the platter control.

denon mc6000 traktor mapping

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My email address is “soundinsurgent live. Maybe if you have time tomorrow I can email you my number.

Mapping(s) for Denon, DN-MC 6000

My email address is DJ Trays38 aol. This would allow easy beat gridding and give users who use a second midi Krontol F1 to match without issue. It deenon designed to keep your eyes on the controller and the audience by eliminating the need to stare on the screen. See email for instructions.

And 4 me please ;] pawelpietkun o2. So please bear with me. It looks that the volume sliders are only for USB, and the line 1 and 2 inputs on the back of the device correspond to a line 1 and 2 pan knob and a separate level control knob on the top ddenon of the MC VDJ was not adequate.


I also contacted Serato and Denon, but nobody can or want give any reasonable answer Any help would be much appreciated thank you. Some users in the forum made it work succesfully with some tricks.

So I conclude that, even If they don’t want to make mc native with serato, they could do the “fine pitch” value possible to change.

denon mc6000 traktor mapping

You can put a feature request in here: Could you please send a copy of the latest xml mapping my way? The XML is the saved midi map.

Traktor Bible – Mapping(s) for Denon, DN-MC

Hi Spike, you should check your audio routing settings. Thanks and we all appreciate your efforts Davey. DJ Mafia 1 3: Thank trator again for your response. Even though not natively supported, I’m still considering getting it You will find many videos of serato tutorials www.

Could it possibly be due to mappinh running OSX Leopard? I am now running my Macbook Pro with I really think Serato need to native this unit!! Im Using Mac and ssl 3 Thanks a million Northrider23 gmail.


Thank a lot a lot a lot.

denon mc6000 traktor mapping

Also to anyone using VSL with mc will you be able to control effects manually or with the mc as well? Even the latest version? I use it on a MacBook Pro but have also tested on a Windows 7 laptop and all is well. Saying this, we are always willing to offer support if enough users request this as it takes a lot of development time and takes this time away from other features, so there needs to be the demand there.

This week should be declared International DJ Week. Thanks in advance tomvassie yahoo.

denon mc6000 traktor mapping

This is beter than having nothing. Give a little attention to this controller.