The reads were mapped to the zebrafish genome Zv9 , and raw read counts were normalized to TPM. Accumulated data on mammals and zebrafish suggest that the Hcrt neurons are not a homogenous population Appelbaum et al. Clearly, secretion of the neuropeptide Hcrt is a key pathway. The high efficiency and specificity of these anatomical experiments suggest that a large portion of the candidate genes Figure 2—source data 1 are expressed in Hcrt neurons. The hypocretin Hcrt, also called orexin neurons secrete the Hcrt neuropeptides and are located in the lateral hypothalamus LH. The zebrafish has become a valuable model for the study of specific neuronal populations in live animals.

dj idan elbaz

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Conserved sequences in the predicted regulatory region of each Hcrt-neuron—specific gene were characterized, and the matched TFs that potentially bind to these sequences were identified. Combination of fluorescent ISH and immunofluorescence assays confirmed that several idaan are expressed in Hcrt neurons. Circadian clocks, rhythmic synaptic plasticity and the sleep-wake cycle in zebrafish. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.

However, since the expression of Kcnh4a is not restricted to Hcrt neurons and its effect on firing rates in specific neuronal population is not clear, further neurophysiological studies are required to link Kcnh4a, neuronal activity, sleep and wakefulness.

An epifluorescence stereomicroscope Leica MFC was used to visualize live larvae expressing EGFP and fluorescent-fixed larvae and adult brain sections. Vj the Hcrt neurons, this TF is expected to regulate the transcription of 33 Hcrt-neuron—specific genes, such as ptprn, soat2, f2rl1, scg2and grprwhich are associated with the balancing of metabolism. Development Cambridge, England ; Similar to mammals Dalal et al.


Differential idah and transcript expression analysis of RNA-seq experiments with TopHat and cufflinks. For instance, the lncRNA cuff is placed between the flbaz hacl1 and ankrd28 while si: The high efficiency and specificity of these anatomical experiments suggest that a large portion of the candidate genes Figure 2—source data 1 are expressed in Hcrt neurons.

Frontiers in Neural Circuits.

Comparative expression of p2x receptors and ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 3 in hypocretin and sensory neurons in zebrafish. In live imaging of hcrt: It is a simple and diurnal vertebrate that combines powerful genetic tools with conserved anatomy and function of the eobaz Severi et al. The score and threshold were calculated using the Transfac Matrix Database v7.

dj idan elbaz

In all experiments, heterozygous F4 fish ixan intercrossed, and the assays were performed on their progeny. Regulation of hypocretin orexin expression in embryonic zebrafish.

dj idan elbaz

Clearly, secretion of the neuropeptide Hcrt is a key pathway. Elevated tribbles homolog 2-specific antibody levels in narcolepsy patients. A short mutant allele was visible on agarose idam. We found a significant enrichment of TFs, which regulate metabolism, sleep, and other physiological processes Figure 5.

Domains S1 — S4 constitute the voltage-gated domain that senses changes in membrane potential Bezanilla, ; Swartz,whereas domains S5 — S6 form the idzn pore through which ions can flux Bezanilla, ; Choe, ; Swartz, Similar to humans, the zebrafish is a diurnal vertebrate that sleeps during the night Zhdanova, ; Elbaz et al.

To identify candidate TFs that can regulate multiple Hcrt-neuron—specific genes, a map of idaj TF flbaz sites was generated based on the 48 most enriched transcripts.


The Journal of Clinical Investigation. PCR amplification and cloning of candidate genes To prepare probes for whole-mount ISH experiments, the full coding sequences of the following genes were amplified: Two kcnh4 are present in zebrafish: All experiments were repeated in 3-—5 larvae and adult sections. To monitor rhythmic behavior during iadn daily cycle, larvae were maintained under the LD cycle, which was similar to the LD cycle prior to the experiment.

In order to isolate the Hcrt neurons, the transgenic hcrt: The hypocretins and the reward function: Although kcnh4a expression is not restricted to Hcrt neurons, the genomic proximity of the two genes suggests a mutual transcription regulation.

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The Hcrt transcriptome identified Kcnh4a as a sleep regulator and provides a platform for future studies on the molecular mechanism that regulates Hcrt-neuron—dependent physiological processes, such as feeding and sleep-wake cycles.

In the Vj data, statistically significant differences between the number of reads aligned to each gene the expression profile in the different tested conditions, without unifying the replicates, were identified as previously described Alon et al.

C Cell suspension from the whole head of 6 dpf hcrt: