If you want to use a PC to view video from a video gateway, the PC must be. Enable live video viewing without complex steps such as setting up and configuring web services. Enforce cybersecurity by disabling autocomplete in forms and provide the option to factory-reset web service. These enhancements all help to make exacqVision a more secure VMS. The address corresponds to the exacqvision Server and the exacqvision Web Server residing on the same machine. Plug the More information. The following instructions will help guide you through Procedures.

exacqvision web server

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Exacq Technologies More information. This allows security to avoid costly business disruption by proactively resolving configuration issues to ensure all video is being recorded as expected.

Use FTP Explorer to connect. The new web service is more secure and will automatically get updated every quarter as part of the remote update, whereas Apache was sever automatically updated when you updated the web service.

This is typically the primary means of configuration used for most.

exacqvision web server

Type in the name of the new user you are adding then tab to the Password field and enter a new password. Improved login experience for access schedule restrictions When a user is denied access and not provided a clear reason, it can be frustrating.

How to Program a Commander or Scout to Connect to Pilot Software Commander and Scout are monitoring and control products that can transfer physical environmental conditions and alarm sensor electrical. Plug the More information. A Sentral server provides a publishing More information.


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The Web Access feature is designed to share content Photo s, Music, Movies, and files from your home network to remote users anywhere on the More information. No special settings are required to find your video, regardless of whether it exists on local storage or cloud storage.

Annual subscriptions for exacqVision Cloud Drive storage are available for exacqVision Professional exacqvsiion Enterprise customers and can easily be purchased through channel distribution partners.

Visualization of data and trends provides actionable insight.

Install the Wi-Fi antenna. Enable live video viewing without complex steps such as setting up and configuring web services.

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If an administrator wanted to remove the access to one of the cameras from those using the exacqvision Web Server, they would modify this account.

To add new users, press the Setup toolbar button. Default ports used by Eyemax system are: By double-clicking on a camera name, you will be able to fill all of the current layout excqvision, starting with the camera you double-clicked on. This forces a manual refresh the current image 2 Size: This separate server must be running the exacqvision Web Server and have access to the exacqvision Server over the network. If you are unable to set up your Linksys Router by using one exacqvusion the above options, use the steps below to manually configure your router.

exacqvision Web Server Quick start Guide – PDF

Enhanced event linking, including with PowerSeries Neo virtual zones Operators can now display any event linkage as an association which will appear on top of the live video feed. Easily search an access control badge number to obtain video of all entry points a specific employee has accessed, all without the need to set up metadata alarm events.


Bookmarking and case management are very effective tools used to tag and retain important surveillance video and events. The new account wizard is in the Accounts window. exacqvisio

exacqvision Web Server Quick start Guide

Using a mobile device as an extra display at your work station can add to your overall awareness and allow you to take Exacq with you when investigating an incident. The name of the camera will be shown in the upper left hand side of the video panel.

Support for non-complex passphrases Another cybersecurity best practice is to require users to choose passwords which contain a number, capital letter, and a symbol.

exacqvision web server

Within the configuration page, a free, signed security certificate can be generated and applied to the server. The following instructions will help guide you through Insurance Payment Posting Procedures. For automatic configuration options, please More information. When a user is denied access and not provided a clear reason, it can be frustrating.

With this release, ESM can natively display video from cameras, making it a breeze to perform camera inspection.

This servef is provided to address the following actions during periods where the IAS email servers are offline: Select Default Client Language.