How can one not give a 5 rating for a low cost program, with great support! The Other Edge of the Sword , a great article written by the designer. Roy Lewallen, W7EL, who writes this software regularly makes updates and bug fixes so the software continually gets better. Accessing an Extra Channel on your mini VBar. It is a small in size ‘windows’ program that does not need an installation but can be run from any drive as it is. The level of support and the determination he exhibited in trying to solve my problem is without question some of the best support I have received from anyone! It does require some serious initial effort to grasp the concepts.

eznec software

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Convergence and Limes, a simplified mathematical introduction The strict mathematical definition of convergence is more complex than this Limes or Limit of a function.

eznec software

It contains a wealth of information. Read about the program Noise. There are plenty of illustrations of how the various EZNEC screens relate to defining particular antennas. Even sznec importantly, I discovered at quite an early stage that EZNEC was an outstanding way to learn about antennas and how they work.

In some cases, minimum segmentation is satisfactory. See for yourself by trying the free demo program. Give it a try. That leads to a minimum to chose length factor of 0. Fyi- everyone interested in messing with antennas should download and try the free version – its nearly full function and very capable of getting close ot the full version results on most average size and average complexity designs. Even with the 20 siftware limit, however, the demo program does a very respectable job of analyzing a two-element quad, two- and four-element phased vertical arrays, a simple Yagi, a W8JK, and many other antennas — including ones you create from scratch.


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That’s like giving a bad rating to a Ferarri because you can’t figure out ezne to use a stick shift, and it sounds more like a senility tantrum than an attempt at an honest critique. There are other, non nec or mininec kernel based programs. So that we esnec not solely depend on 4nec2’s own chart output but may use gnuplots abilites to produce plot charts to our like or needs.

Finally they handle the kernels output into charts or plots when the calculation are done. Read about the program TANT.

Read about the challenge of getting the models segmentation right Convergence and Limes, a simplified mathematical introduction The strict mathematical definition of convergence is more complex than this Limes or Limit of a function. Now I have also used 4NEC2 and although 4NEC2 has some really lovely features in terms of graphical output it is a little bit more tricky to get a beginner to be able to use it correctly than EZNEC, although I do like 4NEC2 considerably and do a lot soffware antenna analysis work using both programs.

Click sofware to call the Download Mirror on my website Note: Of coarse it is the same mechanism with mininec based front-ends i. Loads, transmission lines, tests and limitations, February QST: We could say these softwares are ‘User Interfaces’ that handle a data set, namely an antenna geometrie and a command to compute something to the kernel, which does the real work. But I find this approach quite useful to understand how the issued software works, which is the first step to improved handling of such.

Vladimir updated his Excel by adding a calculation of expected level of own EME echos when transmitted and received with a chosen Yagi at a filled in ouput power and RX Noise Figure.

eznec software

LTspice IV Circuit Design and Simulation Software – Free Although there’s no substitute for actually building circuits, simulation software can help you to lay out schematic diagrams, and design, and test with speed and ease. It has no time limit or other restrictions, and it’s free!


EZNEC Antenna Design Software by W7EL Product Reviews

Which holds a line showing the internal names of the input and output file to and from the kernel and what kernel here nec2d is called up 4 The front-ends task of interpreting the kernels output in a useful way 4nec2 ‘Pattern’ window 4nec2 is programmed by Arie Voors.

The Other Edge of the Sworda great article written by the designer. Hams who don’t have a fundamental understanding about how antennas work will probably not benefit from EZNEC without some additional education. Although I was concerned that this book might be too watered-down, it turned out to be an excellent read for both beginning and experienced modelers alike.

It is small in size a DOS console program that does not need an installation but can be run from any drive as it is.

The kernel in use has its own limitations too. Thanks to this feature it gave, lets call it an early insight view on developing better Yagi stacks for earth-moon-earth operation. In a strictly formatted table.

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Because in the beginning they were hard paper punchcards. Although antenna modeling is a skill which, like all skills, comes with a learning curveany motivated radio amateur can learn the basics of EZNEC with a little patience and modest effort. Sovtware a pH Meter and Controller.