In the 3D view the node elevations are immediately updated. The editing tools are found in the toolbar: For this example, three geological layers are considered for the model. Repeat these steps for the attribute fields On the left-hand side of the dialog, you see the available data of the map. The budgeting is turned off 38 On computers with multi-core CPUs or multiple CPUs the simulation result and budget result may be slightly different in each run – even with identical input parameters. Starting from this 2D geometry, a 3D model consisting of several layers is set up. First of all, switch to Unconfined aquifers s.

feflow 6.1

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A double the Fefloww Domain Bounds. For further information and registration, please go to the Conference website in English. For more information about this workshop, click here. Activate the Supermesh view again so that the Mesh Generator and Supermesh toolbar become visible again.

feflow 6.1

In the selected in the Data panel, double-click on Mass concentration to show this parameter in the view. In the upper left corner of the dialog, a text field shows the current number of layers 1.

FEFLOW Release is here!

The two additional slices are placed within the aquitard with a distance of 10 cm to the aquitard top and bottom. The points immediately appear as red dots in the Supermesh view. Isosurfaces Go to the 3D view. The consequences were devastating, as approximately households were affected by the disaster and lives were lost.


Do you need a help? The default installation location is C: In the top aquifer, the hydraulic conductivity, the porosity as well as the groundwater recharge are to be set. Increase the Number of layers in the input box in the upper left corner of the dialog by one to 4.

The next slice is to be inserted 0. Go to the Maps panel and use the context menu Add Map s With 10 subscription packages and three types of perpetual licenses available, there is sure to be an option that is right for your projects.

Please also make sure that the same license type as on the license sheet is selected: First, the model domain needs to be defined. MIKE 21 Hydrodynamic modelling using rectangular and flexible mesh. All license installations have to be done with administrator privileges. The exercise covers the following work steps: The minimum constraint is indicated by a bar below the associated boundary condition symbol.


MIKE by DHI The NetWork

The nodes of the northern border are highlighted as yellow points. Change the option to upper slice. The nodal parameters of the old slice frflow are inherited to the new slices 2 and 3, while the information from the old slice 3 is to be inherited by slices 4 and 5. The editing tools are found in the toolbar: Change this entry to 4 — 5.

feflow 6.1

Follow the instructions in the installation dialog. Switch to the Slice view. The license information can be pasted from the clipboard if the license has been received digitally. Still in the Properties panel, right-click on the color scale on the left and choose Presets Feflpw simulation stops after 7, days the final time that has been set in the Problem Settings dialog before.

The availability of different functionality like toolbars depend on the currently active view type. The second aquifer located below the clayey aquitard has an average thickness of approximately 30 meters.