Share This Page Tweet. Not sure if there is anything else that your supposed to do. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I’ll file this under info to help solve random issues. Do i start the forge. You can also copy them from another pack with the same minecraft version. Modded Bow and Arrow.


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Did I put the textures in the wrong place?


This section of the forums is now closed. Here us the code: How can I spawn it correctly?

By NoobMaster Started 1 hour ago. Do i start the forge.

Mod Pack Download Error !!PLEASE HELP!!

I think they would like a log. MidnightBaker13Oct 16, I use Xpadder to play MC with my Xbox controller. As title, I want to draw an overlay texture on to player’s screen when left clicked similar to the pumpkin blur.

A fatal error occured and FML cannot continue You can also copy them from forgemodloaser-client-0.log.lck pack with the same minecraft version. If you spot this, make sure to validate its your server if you have more than one MC server running, make darn sure its the right one otherwise you vorgemodloader-client-0.log.lck force quit the wrong server.


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Mod Pack Download Error !!PLEASE HELP!! | Feed the Beast

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How do i start the madpack server?

Before you say anything though, I have tried the following: I created a forgemdoloader-client-0.log.lck bow and arrow and it works, except the arrow is invisible when I shoot it. In my folders its only the. Hello, I have problems spawning a structure where is player is looking at, the structure is a NBT file.

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Rocket Launch Issue

So, ive got the server setup through at launcher, but i’m new to this whole thing. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. How do I fix it? Find the fix here: Upload or insert images from URL.



I’ve been trying to start the mod pack “Magic Farm” for about 3 days now and it won’t start. Threaded Mode Linear Mode How do i start the madpack server? No, this is a well known problem happening to far too many people.