As you see, there are two vocalists. English is not my native tounge so please condone my linguistic mistakes. From another tour when Gackt wore eye-patch and had black hair. Gender, Culture, and Consumer Behavior. Since June , the band line-up besides Gackt as a vocalist, You Kurosaki and Chachamaru on guitars, also included a second vocalist Jon, third guitarist Takumi, while on drums Shinya Yamada Luna Sea , and on bass guitar U: Unfortunately on March 3rd, an earthquake with a magnitude of 9. Not sure about whitey though – but he needs a haircut no, not in gackt’s style.

gackt yellow fried chickenz

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I could hardly recognize him at first. This is not an actual news site but a personal blog, run by an ordinary person who loves visual kei.

gackt yellow fried chickenz

And Buck-Tick are one of those bands that really I would like to chicksnz. They did everything perfect. The band will be kicking off their World Tour in Paris, France on July 20th, playing in 9 countries, 13 cities in Europe! There’s no sense of style among these men anymore?


Reply to this topic Start new topic. Gackt likes to show what he got. They danced the whole concert through and even though that must have been hard as hell, the singing was perfect.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. First of all I visited Gackts site the other day and saw commercials for his latest single and hence I expected a Gackt that looked like this:.

Are You “Fried Chickenz”?? At first I was a bit confused… but as I think about it more and more… I realize how much it affected me in a positive way. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Views Read Edit View history. Guess, he has new haircutXD Nice thing, if you ask me.

Retrieved from ” https: Especially smaller bands that need an extra push in the djungle of major bands. Sometime between the end of the YFCz tour and the beginning of in the midst of his solo activities, GACKT began thinking about producing a band with twin vocals and triple guitars. It was a wonderful experience as always, and if Gackt return to Sweden which he promised to do — I will be there. Well, I like his voice and music, and I am really curious how he’ll be sing at YFC its obvious that Gackt’ll sing more, but well, I am curious what is an aim of second voc, at all.

Gackt & Yellow Fried Chickenz Tour Stockholm Arena

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Worse than an average visual kei band even. Gack Cgickenz Jon Vocal U: You are commenting using your WordPress. Notify me of new posts via email.


Not really my cup of tea either, but as we all know: As you see, there are two vocalists. So Jon isn’t bad. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Get ready for amazing YFC shows!!!

gackt yellow fried chickenz

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I don’t see a problem with those guys. If you would chicoenz a demonstration of his appearance and attitude, please look at this Yellow Fried Chickenz press conference. First a solo project, it became a newly formed band named Yellow Fried Chickenz which besides Japan two times toured Europe betweenand released few live and studio recordings until disbandment in