Plus points of this movie are Mahesh, Preity, Photography and Songs. You guessed it right! Veturi rajukumarudu video songs: After the fight is over, Raj Kumar shows mercy on Rani by closing the curtains down by revealing his identity. In the first lyric of this song Priety is wearing a lambadi dress.

godari gattu paina song

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A classic song with decent and variety steps. He acted with fire in his small guest role, which includes a red song.

godari gattu paina song

Dhanunjay picks the kid Raj Kumar of Thyagamurthy and takes him back to his house residence of Sarvarayudu. Yehi hai right choice baby!! And one of the kid start telling that ‘Shaktiman’ will come now.

Rajakumarudu Audio Songs

This movie has taken more than an year to make. He will the force to reckon with in the future.

Raj Kumar and Dhanunjay wants to see Sumalatha. Suddenly Dhanunjay gets disappointed and tells Raja not to love any gal, as he has somebody in his mind. Thyagamurthy Krishna is a landlord of 60 acres.

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A tear some Rani verbally thrashes Dhanunjay before boarding her bus back to ‘Kothi College’. Well, guys, you gotta watch it on the silver screen!! Some how rapist fools Cops, but not Rajkumar. He meets Rani Preity Zinta and falls for her. Raj Kumar promises Dhanunjay that he will marry his sis-in-law and duly drops the pallu presented by Rani through the window of train It will fly and get stuck to a red signal light, that’s different matter.


How does Sumalatha realizes the importance of her hubby Dhanunjay? Krishna Centre Theatre 3-week share In Rs. ;aina mentions the challenge that he made with his in-laws to get the hero married with his daughter.

Raj Kumar, Rani and Dhanunjay meet at a place. Very good dances by Mahesh.

godari gattu paina song

Then they show a bus coming to that hotel with a banner of ‘Kothi Women College, Hyderabad’ on it. The daughter of Sumalatha is none but Rani.

The most uncharacteristic direction by Raghavendra Rao. Dhanunjay and Raj Kumar visit temple to see Sumalatha and her daughter. The rest of the movie revolves around the plot woven by him and his uncle to gain the heroine’s hand and re-uniting the uncle with his family.

He tried to do too many things, which resulted in entropy. This is the only song in this movie that was fitted in the interesting part of the story. Being a kind hearted person Thyagamurthy donates all his land to the farmers who are working for him.


A girl is dragging a treasure box in a hilly area only to get caught by a villain gang that is armed with a captor, a jeep, a couple of horses and of course guns. One more slow classic song 5. As that gal is screaming for help, our hero makes his entrance in a grand scale appearing in Zorro attire.

Godari Gattupaina Full Video Song || Raja Kumarudu Movie || Mahesh Babu, Preity Zinta

Raj Kumar Pana is doing modeling along with his graduation at Bombay. Then he reveals his identity to brighten the redden face of Rani.

godari gattu paina song

Prakash Raj starts telling the flashback. Thyagamurty is making all farmers enlightened about the exploitation by Sarvarayudu. Second half is good except for the last 30 minutes.