Kitty Cat – Single PlentaKill. Utlin’ Gragas style youtube. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Which one is in your opinion the best skin for Gragas? Mayn after playing this song kinda feel bad for the champ i killed when playing lux. Josh Wood – Single PlentaKill. Grab Your Carry feat.

gragas style plentakill

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D It is kinda old though, I wish they’d update it a bit. Anyone able to find it? Fed Brand – Single PlentaKill. Brother Blake – Single PlentaKill.

League of Legends: Great LoL song: Plentakill – Shuriken (Lady Gaga – Telephone LoL Parody)

This skin is a result of Riot wanting to celebrate the christmas holidays, and realsed related skins for it. The Spam and Self-Promotion Rule is changing: Fury of the Sand – Single PlentaKill.

What will she do to that ho-o-o-o-orse?

Plentakill sometimes has lyrical genius but it’s not apparent here. This video alone made me a lux main when I watched it back in Their earlier stuff was great, but it all seems rushed stylee sloppy recently, especially this one. Wards – Single PlentaKill.


Gragas style

If you enjoyed the cartoon, Follow like and subscribe! The website isn’t what is affected when you do stupid shit like downvote out of disagreement. Share the video around with friends family To be honest, i enjoyed this as much for the excessively brutal support frags as I did for the music which was admittedly clever.

Cynical dickheads don’t seem to enjoy much.

gragas style plentakill

Seeing as Plentakill has 15x the viewers than the other channel meaning it’s more likely for plagiarism to get caught and a two year history. I have no problem with that. Plrntakill I main lux and I had to agree with the wasted alt and ks. Badministrator – Single PlentaKill.

Plentakill – Glad you’re Vayne – Text

So I was playing Gragas for a bit now with a lot gdagas fun and huge success and I am starting to main him. They want some gol- They want some gol- They want some gold! What you said, however, doesn’t represent what elevatorhijack was saying. Haha-haha-haha-haha-haaaa yaha-haha-he-yah-oooow Ha-ha-haha-haha-haaaa What the Lux say?


This doesn’t add up. Matt Donato – Single PlentaKill.

gragas style plentakill

We should be friends. It was hillarious at some point, now its just annyoing. Upvotes and downvotes are a content exposure system.

My Blight testo

Cruz- Dynamite plehtakill that was pretty good imo. Reddiquette is an informal expression of the values of many redditors, as written by redditors themselves.

The Lux – Single PlentaKill. A new dawn MLG parody – 6: Start using Adblock dude, I never saw any advert, ever.