Grsync for Maemo now stable Grsync has been promoted to stable quality on Maemo 5 and is now installable via the standard procedure. How to generate and check strong passwords in Linux January 18, Let me know of any anomalies you will find, including behaviors which are different from the previous version. Chat is a professional, Slack-like messaging system, developed for companies wanting to privately host their own chat service. You can follow theses instructions here slightly outdated though: When I try to save the schedule option, It gives an error like below:. It will create a new session called Synchronize.

grsync mac

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On the way of Wayland.

Install grsync on Mac OSX

It doesn’t need the gnome libraries to run, but can of course run under gnome pretty fine. The default Grsync interface will look like below.

Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

grsync mac

It should have been the first version with session sets, unfortunately I stumbled upon a lot of bugs and problems and I do not have enough tiome to gesync into all of them now. Run selected backup on the top right corner to start the backup. Unless this is using a custom version of rsync” or ” Make sure you have entered the correct path in the destination path as shown in the above figure. It is marked experimental, because there are many changes, but it may be just ok. So if you want up-to-date BSD userland components, you need to install them yourself.


Grsync – Wikipedia

Features Most commonly used rsync options available, additional options may be specified by command line switches Saves multiple settings with customized names no limit on number of “sessions” Session sets can be created: Open it up either from Terminal, Dash or Menu. Working in command line mode is better than GUI mode, however it will be bit difficult to newbies and novice users.

Let me know of any anomalies you will find, including behaviors which are different from the previous version.

grsync mac

So, I decided to confront the dev with this comment and we’ll hopefully know more then. It is developed in JavaScript Resources This is a list of articles, blog entries, books and other resources about grsync.

OPByte: Grsync rsync GUI interface frontend for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

There are also some other small fixes and enhancements. Rsync is the well-known and powerful command line directory kac file synchronization tool. Also, it will ask you to enter the remote system user password. Most of these options are self-explanatory.

This is almost the least respect we owe those who dedicate their time and efforts into software development – especially if it’s freeware. Was it the lack of a solid, neutral statement, was it the lack of own experiences about the product or was it altogether plus the formulas ” Now, click on the Simulation button from the File menu.


I think, however, that comments, publicly spread on software trackers, may no way disseminate pure assumptions.

Grsync And GAdmin-Rsync: The Graphical Front-end Applications For Rsync Tool

Rsync and Grsync Backups for Linux Grsync: The main focus is fixing the annoyances found on mac os x and freebsd, while adding some nice functionalities, like status bar icon and “run as superuser”. I released it in order to distribute the new and updated translations.

Does Grsync pass all the Backup Bouncer Tests? Intel 32 Mac OS X Plus it has Unity support and bugfixes.

grsync mac

It doesn’t need the gnome libraries to run, but can of course run under gnome, kde or unity pretty fine. Subscribe to the News feed. Configuration is an easily readable.

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