This model could also be back-ported to d3d. Many different changes result in code that doesn’t crash for no obvious reason, this one at least looks vaguely like sane code though. This may make gsdx slightly slower for everyone I don’t know an easy way to restrict this to affected systems , especially if using 8-bit textures. Also made the hack a little more crash proof and maybe fixed an off by one pixel error. Merge pcsx2-data only 2 files into pcsx2 and pcsx2-plugin. Copied in a build script to make rebuilding the project a bit easier.

gsdx 1076m plugin

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There are fewer asserts on register values in the code now.

Changes made by pgert, mostly naming changes, added what i believe is a second disc for the US version of Persona 4 Serial: So, in the end I only properly understood the old code after finding all the problems with my version.

Let users set software parameters extra threads and line AA regardless of currently configured renderer. UI percentage values sometimes save incorrectly to ini file.

PCX2 Config Help Please!

Baldurs Gate still happy though. As per MIPS documentation, do not modify the destination register if an overflow exception occurs.


gsdx 1076m plugin

Windows 10, Windows 8. Added some missing games. Reverted to the previous one and updated the file with the same changes I did to the vs Because the PSX rules!

Prevent DB-not-found error if previous version wasn’t uninstalled properly. This is rare and I’d like to know when games trigger gssx.

AMD fix some bugs in their driver!

Steam Community :: Video :: God of War 2 on PCSX2 Playstation 2 Emulator (p True HD) Full Speed

Show full description Hide description. For detailed installation instructions, see our FAQ. Unit for shaders, Unit 3 for texture operations. 1706m should be exempted from Portaudio as the default for now.

Automated Pcsx2 builds

Necessary for something Ysdx working on, hopefully doesn’t break GSDX for anyone this code took a lot of revisions initially as I recall. Thanks for helping out! Still hope to find a better solution.

With this we can also lower the main latency default from ms to now ms. For the moment only 2 PS parameters are supported.

Automated Pcsx2 builds

Removed an useless method from the module interfaces. Need to check some games that do it first. Hopefully Outrun and Terminator 3 will be ok now too, no promises as i don’t have the games. Will need some benchmark. Also set the auto deinterlace mode in GSdx when the.


Would allow future optimization and remove most initialization stuff. Fixes various issues with the GUI.

gsdx 1076m plugin

gadx Changed the defaults for GSdx to native resolution for emulation accuracy’s sake and made the recommended speedhacks enabled by default in Bsdx. The detection is based on a quickly reversed smode1 flag and needs to be done properly. Most of the work done by Rama, I just integrated the vcxproj. Which I think is safer, and faster. If the first branch is a jump instruction, execute 1 instruction from the first jump, then execute the second branch.