The puzzles are really interesting. Like they say that syphilis is man made. Business Woman voice archive sound uncredited Andrew Totolos You’re on Conspire in which everything is real apart from my name, John Smith, entirely living off the grid, no phone, they pay me in cash, I don’t have a social security number, I am wearing a mask. We’re all brothers and sisters and that is just sick. I hate Abraham Lincoln too! I think I will have to drown him or something.

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No you, buy the right brand! Callista Brown voice Jeff Bottoms Luis Fernando Lopez voice Anthony Mangano Let me show you right now! And that is what my next book is about. Epsilon in old GTAs. Am I on the air?! You have to get out there ektt It kills our ideals.

Angus Martin voice Charleigh E. I am the man they are too frightened to speak too.


You’re book talks a lot about urban escape and counter measures. Ray Boccino voice Honey Rockwell Look what it’s doing to our children. Triads voice Grant Chang Financial Reporter voice Al Vanik Gha you so much!

I mean, I can die of a heart attack tomorrow. I sprinkle gold dust on my food so I eat and poop gold.

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I teach people to think people antisocially. Contrails John, How do we know when we see a plane flying over, and leaving these clouds behind them, that it isn’t biological or chemical agents being sprayed?

A smoker of opium, some people think he may have been a woman. Their calendar sucks balls! He called me a crank and a racist and a ga. Playboy X voice Mario D’Leon Gang Member voice uncredited Stephanie Hepburn If there is a terrorist attack, I need to be able to get flamethrower quick.

List of radio stations (GTA4)

Do you know what she told me to do to escaping and bargain for my freedom? Club Girl voice uncredited Modi It’s right there in the design. Prison Guard voice as Lazzarus Franceska Clemens They brought down IQ’s, so that when the Chinese invade, which they will do via the West coast, they will only find a bunch of feign morons, and they will have to leave. Random Biker voice Dennis Paladino Bikers voice archive sound uncredited Danny Burstein The great mystery of the dollar bill, I will explain all after this break.