Post rock evokes such determination in ones heart. I will talk about side issues. Thompson provided a very pedestrian show but all three are very expressive while reproducing their music. The first of these pieces, Mictlan, is a more hammond relient piece with some nice lead Fender Rhodes arpeggios and a consistent drum pattern that really picks up in intensity. And what a team they are! Killer drumming 2 minutes in. The last two tracks state less ambitious trends that the ones followed in the parts of the ‘Five Suns’ concept.

guapo five suns

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History of the Visitation press release. Organ after a minute as the tempo picks up. Not suited for everyone’s taste, this album could still be a good choice to challenge and shake yuapo harmonious sensibilities. But Since he was quite thorough in his description of the album and i agree with his point of view bar the 5 stars rating to which I correct to 4 stars. As for me, I think this is an almost masterpiece, but there are some minor things that keep it from getting full marks.

Guapo: Five Suns – PopMatters

Part 4 is the longest and darkest of the lot. The 5 sections of the main ‘Five Suns’ concept get the album started.

guapo five suns

The “Five Suns” piece is almost like a practice jam session caught on tape, with all the players stoned on some medieval weed, content to smother the tape in mucky maelstroms. I received this album today from Laser’s edge,not knowing much about Guapo.


For some reason, Guapo decided to record a couple of extra tracks post the epic. To place them next to contemporary company, Guapo seems to be stuck somewhere between the plate tectonics of Tortoise and the space prog of the Mars Volta. Beyond the connotations it implies, beyond the images it conjures sujs the jokes it provokes, Five Suns is simply bland, the sound of making noise and saying nothing. Forum user Forum password.

This is absolutely brilliant! There’s always this feeling of an impending doom, as all the grooves are mid-tempo, methodical, and constantly ballooning up to overblown cacophony.

After the maelstrom of sound that is Five Suns a brief intermission is played in the form of a minute of silence. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends. Five Suns III tive A masterpiece of musical intensity.

guapo five suns

Euns are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. It’s one continuous piece of thundering bass, commanding drum rhythms and eerie electronics.

There’s also a minute of complete silence for no reason.

Eurotrash bargain basement new wave dance pop, with the occasional moody detour, is business as usual for Stereo Total, fivve business is good on Ah! Memorial by Russian Circles.

Guapo: Five Suns

Five Suns – Part 1 4: Only copies are available from us of the high quality vinyl pressing, which comes in a stunning gatefold jacket and which includes the DVD and a digital download card. O’Sullivan seems to be heavily relient on the Fender Rhodes, mainly providing chords and arpeggios on top of the sonic rhythmic assault, and it is rather evident from the opening minutes of the piece.


Tempos speed up and slow down, and finally the whole thing ends as it began with Dave Smith’s gong. On “five suns part 2” for example there’s the power from the guitar reminiscent to Sonic Youth, the powerful Wetton like bass lines and acrobat drums but on the other hand there’s also a tiny sound of a hammond organ and a spooky mellotron.


But I won’t harp on the gong. Five Suns – Part 4 Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Had that been the whole album it would still have merited 5 stars, but after a minute’s silence we are treated to two further tracks, Mictlan and Topan.

Cuneiform Year in Review: The final song “Topan” is rather gentle and light, but it too eventually turns to the dark side. Two by 14 Foot 1.

It marks a particular moment in the musician’s life and his belief that songs never die.

guapo five suns