Assuming the database named xyz is the last to be syncing when the app crashes each time, try the following: Blessings, Dave Haupert dhaupert ddhsoftware. How do you move data between the desktop and the mobile versions of HanDBase? There is a coupon box; I entered in the activation key I received when I originally purchased HB, but it didn’t accept it. Now sync again- this file will be installed first before the rest of the sync process, and hopefully all will be fine. Board index All times are UTC. This includes the synchronization conduits as well.

handbase desktop

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Board index All times are UTC. With these conduits, changes you make on your mobile device will be synchronized with the changes made on your desktop. Yet the process never appeared to complete on the PC as the app became non responsive, and I had to kill the run. When using a desktop version, there is always the challenge of reconciling the changes you make on both the desktop and the mobile versions. Please ignore the update notice on the demo version- there is no update available!


handbase desktop

The databases where also not accessible from the desktop software after synching. Let me know how you make out!

Not only is HanDBase wonderful, your customer service is too. Now sync again- this file will be installed first before the rest of the sync process, and hopefully all will be fine.

Amdur, MD I just wanted to thank you handbsse your help.

From there you can manually install these files to your mobile device as needed. Blessings, Dave Haupert dhaupert ddhsoftware. But it also functions as a standalone database program with many powerful features. I purchased HB in ; if I created an account I have long lost the password.

handbase desktop

I downloaded the demo version, hopefully it will ask for the product code at some point. The HanDBase Desktop also makes importing information from other programs easy by supporting the import of data in the CSV comma separated values format possible.


Please contact me if you would like a refund on your recent purchase! And backups are automatically created during the sync, so you can be sure if something happens desktip your data, you have a way to restore a prior version of the database.

handbase desktop

There is a paid version download, and a demo version. This allows you to create, view, and edit HanDBase databases on your Windows desktop or laptop. With HanDBase, there are many optional tools available to handle the challenge!


What a pleasure, I wish that it was the first program I tried instead of the fourth. I am running 10, and the demo version I downloaded from your web site apparently already needed an upgrade. Thank you very much for your prompt help deskktop support Users browsing this forum: Board index All times are UTC. I did some quick searches and found little comfort as entry mentioned similar issues but had not handbasd addressed since March Google [Bot] and 0 guests.

Perhaps HanDBase for iPhone is not installed?

With the HanDBase Windows Desktop, you can design databases, run reports, filters, sort, and print records using a variety of layouts. If you go to the Sync log you should dwsktop the last entry before the lock up- feel free to post the sync log here and I can advise further. You can also handbae ‘mail merge’ style templates for customized reporting output. The email I used is a discontinued account.

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