Nice work metalliqaz, and thanks for putting this out there for everyone to use. I’ve reprogrammed my Epsilon literally hundreds of times. This manual is very clear but I have some probably noob questions i cant find an answer for. This thread is invaluable! Vibex on Mon, 18 August , I’ve checked to see nothing is shorted. If so I just tried it and its the same.


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Once the firmware is loaded, disconnect and reconnect the USB cable. Someone has the file?

You can download the firmware and compare it to the officially released binaries. Wed, 09 December Australia There are no dumb questions, only forbidden ones. Just wanted to point out to anyone considering this board, it has a LOT of keystroke latency, aka input latency of approx ms. I have access to a Lightsaver that can be used for testing if you’re still looking for a volunteer.



I’m having an issue on my B. My claim to fame is being easy.

Easy AVR USB Keyboard Firmware and Keymapper

In the middle of nowhere. Was hoping someone could help me. Please login or register. Thu, 10 December I’ve reprogrammed my Epsilon literally hundreds of times. This gives the user a unique flexibility to select different levels of protection. The problem wasn’t the software after all, it was down to my escape key switch being faulty. Oh, some people on here a while ago were wondering wether I’d be able to do multiple layouts.


Thanks, I’ll have a play with it tonight and see what I can come up with. How do I get them to figure out which bootloader they have? What I was trying to achieve was. So I followed the directions and flashed the board Would it be possible to create new scancodes for “Record” device like microphone, ability to mute at least. Board index All times are UTC.


How To Search geekhack. For a wierd reason, it can reflash everything except the bootflash itself. USA All your base are belong to us!

Sat, 30 August I tried gaming with this board and quickly realized it does not support N-Key rollover. Can use TKG toolkit to reflash otherwise? Link the a thread on otd. The files are attached here in this post. Ound on Mon, 11 Gidbootflash I have been unable to detect the device no matter if I press tab, Q, or U.

atmega8 hid software Archives – Embeddinator

How do I know this? Thu, 28 February This may be a dumb question but. Flamingchook on Wed, 27 August ,