Anyways I advise you use USB for the very best performance, unless you have no other choice. Losing pixel accuracy is not worth it when sensitivity is adjustable in-game. If you did the things right, you will get this: You often can’t overclock the port to as high of speeds. To put your Windows 10 in a test mode you have to: I did what 3 said so in theory i got rid of it and I still have problems. A higher report rate makes your cursor movement smoother, especially when you are aiming quickly.


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The above settings usually have limited or no effect on such systems. If you wish to decrease the mouse speed, I advise against this. Ad-Aware can be downloaded, here: Post Feb 14, hicusbf.inf T You might find this useful.

These are mostly fixable problems. Write this sensitivity down on the sheet. Restart your Windows, and afterwards check your results with mouserate.


People debate about high and low sensitivity often. Enjoy it in games.

USB Polling

This is an obvious advantage in a gaming environment. Restart your computer and enjoy.


Start your project with inGenium today! I am not a high sensitivity user so there are other benefits I may be neglecting to list.


DRIVER/HIDUSBF.INF Driver File Contents (hidusbf.zip)

This is important, finding just one value and sticking to it! Be careful with this tweak and work over a flat table or white sheet of paper so you don’t lose any parts that could fall out.

If you want the full guide to understand hidusbf.ifn I suggest reading Antigen’s guide first below. If you would like to remove the test mode watermark, run Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider and choose Watermark removal. Make sure you followed all the instructions properly. People who do not use the driver may have preset options like: The time now is Hz ms 1 2 4 8 10 If the polling rate is set at Hz, the mouse cursor can only be updated every 8 milliseconds.

You want the polling rate to be very constant or close to rock solid, it it’s flipping between different rates every other polling or once every 3 pollings that is not good for the mouse, and not good for your gaming consistency.

I will just make a list of things that may contribute to control lag in CSS and other games. So if I normally were playing at sensitivity 3 and I wanted to make a button to slow down for precision shots, I would use sensitivity 1 for the new slow speed.


Mouse/USB polling rate problem! – OC3D Forums

Technological Advancements in the Online Casino Industry. Then select your desired polling rate, click Install Service, and then click Restart.

With acceleration on, you will not be able to play consistently. So hidusfb.inf is it different each time? Click the drop down menu and it will show you all the settings your monitor can support at that resolution.

You could just buy a new mouse? Top Fintech Startups to Watch Out for in The same problems of section 1. LCD monitors tend to have limited refresh rates like 60hz or 75hz, CRTs may be capable of much higher refresh rates like hz at x but might only be able to do 60hz at x Once you quickly get used to the new speed, see if hidsbf.inf are tracking the marks better or worse than before.