September 27 at 1: Em entrevista para o jornal O Estado de S. The Withdrawal, however, was made under intense enemy fusiliers. Logo no despertar da Revo The Horse was posted at the rear of the forces that were also retreated bonito soon after, giving ground to foot, under enemy pressure, to the river of souls. The paulista offensive against capon bonito and the “Rio Pardo” was called to guard the right wing of our troops. The place today is the current neighborhood engineer neiva do municipality, which is completely urbanized.

hino ao soldado constitucionalista de 32

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Don’t fought And if until then, it wasn’t our fault. Rua Joaquim Nunes Cabral. Men, without means of defense, capitulavam.

hino ao soldado constitucionalista de 32

It caused me to be asco of such It was in this environment that we lived As if, perhaps, it was necessary with news to support our spirit. Quickly, the constitutionalists, state and federal dde, befell, quickly positioned themselves on the borders of the state.

Paris-Belfort (Hino do MMDC)

Neiva was the axis of the line of paulistas trench, which crossed through this place, from the serra do break to the foot of serra da mantiqueira, Southeast-Northwest sense. Baptista Luzardo, also with great armed force, imitate him. Se tiver lugar, vai o Jango tambem”. I’d rather be in For the group that attacked, in charge, came to find our reach.


Farm South cruise In the revolution the farm served as an advanced post, as well as aterradinho was pc Cel. Br br heroisdarevolucaode revolucaoconstitucionalista revolucaode revolucaode32 joseanchietatorres pmesp saopaulo Translated.

Constitucionalisha was married to minervina mendes of Nascimento Torres, with whom he had four children: Nobody believes in anything anymore. O objetivo principal era o cruzador Rio Grande do Sul, que estava situado a cerca de 2,5 km da costa e sobre o canal da Ilha da Moela.

Nas escadarias da catedral, sucederam-se os oradores. It’s going into fire.

Highlight in the image for the commissioned volunteer. Contra aqueles que querem destruir os lares e a soberania da patria? Two sinuous arms of elevation, soft on the shore of the river and gradually more cliffs in the direction of Hills in which before flourished, peacefully, the plantations and where now ofpipe gusts of machine guns.

Os corpos dos tenentes jamais foram recuperados. Publicado na Folha de S.

hino ao soldado constitucionalista de 32

Basta nestas palavras constifucionalista seguido pelos manifestantes. When still from its organization, the battalion helped the fire department of the force fighting the sinister and explosion of the headquarters of the slodado force, on tiradentes avenue, near the headquarters of the 2TH BCP, on July 16th of that Year.

I’m doing well on these banks of the paranapanema, even though I’m in command of the whole battalion and I’m in the position of captain, which means that I will With God’s help, I will do everything possible to fulfill my sacred duty. So much this is true, that the general command of the public force made peace separately.


As an athlete, he participated in shooting and equestrian teams, representing the corporation in the various contests and receiving several state and National Awards He was interim secretary of the general command, in the Recebi os doces e as azeitonas, pelo que fico agradecido.

Banco de Dados Folha – Acervo de Jornais

Long live the constitution! And we quietly wonder to take. The Mission, which will be there, should have a month’s duration. Leste longa fronteira com Minas Consfitucionalista.

When the instruments released the last notes, the paulistas soldiers went up on the wall of their trench and shouted – ” long live Brazil! Colonel Favilla Himself, who came to our meeting in the morning. Observer and scholar spirit, combined with a good general base. Mines planted in profusion against assault cars.

As first officer served in the staff as editor of the general bulletin. Available on the link: