Overrides the default output message level using a numeral from 1 to 5. Reproduction in any manner. Create Remote Copy Group on the primary storage system. You can verify that the VMs are running at the recovery site. For Ipswitch Failover v9. Thank you for your interest in More information. Set up a Remote Copy link between the protected and recovery site.

hp 3par sra

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Before failback, all the pairs in the SLD setup must be started as a requirement for setrcopygroup restore operation. Ensure that both vcenter Servers are configured with each other and can be accessed from the respective sites.

3PAR StoreServ & Site Recovery Manager Expected Behaviour

HP P art Number: Perform this operation on both the protected and recovery sites. This application note provides information about Infortrend Storage Replication More information.

QuickStart Guide vcenter Server Heartbeat 5. Page 4 1 Introduction VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager is a management and automation product that helps build, manage, test and execute disaster recovery plans dra a VMware virtual infrastructure. VMware Site Recovery Manager SRM was designed to simplify DR by eliminating complex runbooks, orchestrating the workflow of failover, and enabling automation of parts of that workflow.


hp 3par sra

For more information, see the Limitations of SLD configuration page 29 section. Overrides the default output message level using a numeral from 1 to 5. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

3PAR StoreServ & Site Recovery Manager Expected Behaviour – VMFocus

Enterprise Manager Version 6. June More information. Uses the storage replication mechanism between the protected site and the recovery site for disaster recovery of the protected site virtual infrastructure. Remote Copy will internally manage the snapshot taking in case something goes wrong during the failover process. Volumes which are a part of Remote Copy group configured for protection must not be added in any manually created VVSets.

VMware releases new Photon OS based SRM appliance » Welcome to vSphere-land!

It helps enable Availability. VMware Site Recovery Manager 6. Try the following 3pzr Imple ment ati on Gui de. If the same virtual volume IDs are part of a single RC group across two storage arrays that are part of an SRM array pair, then during failback reprotect operation SRM service might stop.

Create a VMFS datastore.

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Caitlin Hines 1 years ago Views: Double-click the installation executable to launch the wizard. SRA changes the status of the source Datastores to read-only, and then creates the snapshots of the source device.


Also, install SRM specifically in Multisite mode. You will need to first deploy the Photon OS SRM virtual appliance and then you run some command line scripts to export 3;ar existing configuration data from Windows and then import it into the Photon OS appliance.

hp 3par sra

SRM supports only one-to-one replication. This feature is always enabled. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval.

The recovery plan can be tested at any time at the recovery site to verify that recovery point objective can be achieved at the time of disaster. Reproduction in any manner.

To avoid this issue, maintain unique ids for the virtual volumes in the RC group across the storage arrays. Thank you for your interest in More information. If C does not contain the most current data and any data replicated to B that is not yet replicated to the C is discarded.