The study highlights various shortcomings and bottlenecks in the PEI, and the barriers identified should be considered in prioritizing future strategies. Modeling the commuting travel activities within historic districts in Chinese cities. Ethnobotany of medicinal plants in district Mastung of Balochistan province- Pakistan. Yet their livelihood has suffered after CMWs’ deployment. The traditional use of medicinal plants for the treatment of human and livestock ailments is important to indigenous communities in the northern parts of Pakistan , and considered to be a valuable local biological and sociocultural heritage.

inayat gul kharani to poola

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The Precambrian rocks are intruded by niayat porphyry dikes of Tertiary age. Pedestrians in this area pose particular behavior for walking. Peshawar had the greatest proportion reporting never using condoms.

The study consists of the determination of physico-chemical properties, trace metals, heavy metals, rare earth elements and microbiological quality of drinking water. Data were analyzed using various quantitative tools, such as use value, factor informant consensus and fidelity level.

inayat gul kharani to poola

Attempts to detect a lharani anomaly using false-color composites were not successful. To assess the proportion of various types of abuses and their association with school performances and psychological stress among adolescents from three major cities of Pakistan.

Cincinnati, Cleveland, Milwaukee, New York, and Philadelphia are among the districts making the change, driven by a small body of research and a rising pile of anecdotes suggesting that K-8 configurations help academic performance, decrease discipline problems, enhance parent….

The following medicinal species were the most important in the present study with the highest use values UV: Food insecurity in metropolis of the developing world–observations from central district of Karachi, Pakistan. Conclusion Among the tested samples, overall prevalence of active HCV infection was found to be Rapid appraisal approach RAA and semi structured interviews were used along with the group meetings with herbalists, local inhabitants and landowners to collect the relevant data.


inayat gul kharani to poola

Results of the current study revealed that improved diabetes related knowledge plays a significant role in improving medication adherence.

Verbal Autopsy method is cost effective and knayat approach for implementation in a country like Pakistan.

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Secondly, NHA results on Punjab district government are compared with available ADB results and differences in methods as possible reasons for different results are presented section 3. This paper explores jharani determinants of resource allocation across schools in large districts based on factors that reflect differential school costs or….

Comparison with other field surveys conducted in surrounding areas demonstrated that approximately one-half of the recorded plants uses are novel to the ethnoveterinary literature of the Himalayas. Only cypermethrin and cabosulfan were not detected. Highest ICF value 1 was recorded for antidote category.

Inayat Gul Kharani- Volume Balochsaaz

An important outstanding question kharzni whether this better performance is gained at the expense of losses elsewhere: The traditional knowledge of local plants of ethno veterinary values is mainly possessed by elders and transmitted from generation to generation with chances of elimination of such traditional knowledge due to less awareness. The mean age was Several of these district initiatives have been instructionally-based and thus have made the role of high school supervisory assistant principals integral in their successful implementation.


Cancer incidence in unayat, rural, and densely populated districts close to core cities in Bavaria, Germany.

Measles is a communicable viral disease which is a major public health problem and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the developing countries including Pakistan with implications for outbreaks.

This article deals with school districts ‘ K-8 configurations. The local community was using 58 plant species belonging to 52 genera and 34 families for different purposes.

This longitudinal metropolitan approach….

Prevalence and pattern of traumatic limb amputations in female population of Bhimber DistrictAzad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. Plants have been used by the indigenous people for treatment of different ailments since long.

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These proposals, in the areas of curriculum and instruction, human…. Despite of vaccination thousands of children have been infected by measles virus during last couple of years in Pakistan. Examines educational overburden, related overburden, and cost differentials between mharani city and other types of districts. Malioboro as a value of Special District of Yogyakarta City. In this context, houses were carefully selected for the installation of CRbased National Radiological Protection Board-type detectors installation.