Justice Denied 9. The series was long out of print, until the continuation of the series in The Inheritors of Earth which was released June John Thomas Rourke, M. Almost all life on the Earth’s surface is wiped out, with Varakov dying in Chicago. The now democratic German colony become staunch allies of Rourke. No human being could possibly escape death when t… More. Confederacy of the Dead More Phobias

jerry ahern survivalist series

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The Legend by Jerry Ahern. The Web 6. We always thought of the series as science fiction with a lot of adventure. The Killer Genesis 2. Espousing the idea that planning ahead is the most important skill to have, he prepares a mountain retreat where he and his family consisting of his wife and two children, can hold out in case of any catastrophes.

We had explored this in the original series in episodes dealing with the underwater city of Mid-Wake where medical procedures were now advanced to the point where many common diseases were eradicated such as Cancer but, there was still no cure for the common cold.

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Jerry was a huge science fiction buff and always wanted to let loose with aliens and evil clones and the like and Bob and I, guided by what Jerry had in mind, are letting his ideas fly. The Battle Begins 2.


Jerry Ahern

Assault on the Empress 3. The Quisling Covenant by Jerry Ahern. The Savage Horde by Jerry Ahern. John Thomas Rourke’s world is now roughly one-thi… More. First Zebra Edition paperback. The Killing Wedge 3.

She comes to accept that the widespread belief that good things always happen to good people and vice versa is nothing more than a myth. References will be subject to editor approval before appearing.

The awesome nuclear arsenals of the Second City a… More.

The Survivalist Series

He had had a syrvivalist many adventures lined up for the gang, but he was never able to use them because of the confines of the genre we were originally in. You can either use the [ Trackback URL ] for this entry, or link to your response directly.

jerry ahern survivalist series

Naked Blade, Naked Gun The Eden Project an international project returns and lands in Georgia at a makeshift runway created by the Rourkes and they form a colony there. It was also a great excuse to reread the entire adventure.

The Survivalist Series by Jerry Ahern

Starting inaudio versions started to be released by Graphic Audio covering the entire series of novels. Call to Battle by Jerry Ahern. Email Article to Friend.

Eventually, Rourke holds the injured spy at gunpoint and survivalish him morphine in exchange for the means to radio Varakov, but rather serise doing as he said, Rourke shoots the spy dead for his misdeeds. It’s a new world after the apocalypse, and John T… More.


Jerry Ahern died of cancer on 24 Julybut his legacy lives on through his wife Sharon and his longtime friend and author Bob Anderson that picked up the series. Surgical Strike 2.

Jerry Ahern – Book Series In Order

Another thought Jerry and I had when mulling over what life would be like for the Rourkes was how we would deal with their modern technology. To bring back a series of books that has been dormant sincewith most of the original characters intact and many new ones introduced, is not an easy task, especially when the creator of the series is no longer there to lend a hand.

Bush Warfare Having planned a five hundred year cryogenic sleep to await the returning Eden Project shuttles, Rourke awakens Annie and Michael early, raising them until their late teens. Fourth Reich Death Squad 4. sirvivalist

jerry ahern survivalist series