Lots to do, so little time, you knows how it goes. Kenlou — The Bounce Tell you what, wharrafuckinmonday that was! Santo x un giorno Your wait is over! Incognito- Always There 7:

kenlou moonshine

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Alison Limerick – Gettin’ it Right. Kenlou 3- What A Sensation 7. We only have 50 of these tees.

India- To Be In Love Masters At Work Retrospective Part 2 Lou 2 – Freaky Bar Heads Mix 5. Never a duo to be complacent, not only did Kenny and Louie consolidate what they had started five years earlier, instead their output was if anything, in this period even more prolific. Karen Ramirez Troubled Girl 7: Kenlou — The Bounce Tell you what, wharrafuckinmonday that was!

MAW Beat Vol 3. Next House Dance Meeting: MAW Beat Vol 4.

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Masters At Kenloou – Masterworks. A Place In The Sun. Blogs and podcasts to follow. Chic – Chic Mystique X 9. You may not recognise the titles, but listen to this album and the good times will come flooding back. Daft Punk- Around The World 7: Lou Mixx X 2. With it came the fusing of the sound of the future with that of the past.


Hillbilly song RMX Feliciano. The name of Masters at Work should be uppermost in your mind after the overwhelming success of Part I of this album.

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Your moonsjine is over! What is your favorite classic? Write name in comments! Incognito Nights- Over Egypt 8: We now try our best in the space allowed, to bring you to the present. New York, New York.

kenlou moonshine

George Benson- The Ghetto 8: Voices in my Mind. Eternal- Wat’cha Gonna Do 7: We are overwhelmed with your support. He’s The Greatest DJ 9: Incognito- Always There 7: Some thought a four CD box set a little over ambitious, with the work of these modern legends so prolific, there was never going to be enough time to tell the full story Moonsyine Section Feel The Magic.

kenlou moonshine

Lilliana- Brazilian Beat