CD speed works Imgburn works Nero Works. Test Results Old test results. Oct 29, 0 North Carolina. To put it simply, this test helps identify problems with laser focus and servo accuracy. The drawing of the interface is somewhat slow, sometimes with several seconds of delay occurring before tabs are changed. Disc Testing Methods and Software.

kprobe2 2.5.2

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Sep 23, 0 Tampa Bay, Florida. Oct 29, 0 North Carolina. The better the results lower error rates you have in Kprobe, means that your discs will last longer and have a smaller chance of decay over time and will also prove to be a correct XGD3 burn that will be less likely to show any CIV errors and more likely to pass all checks.

The media is very much a part of this accuracy test, as is the burner. What’s new in KProbe 2. Guys if it was clear as mud before it aint now, it aint easy starting off I understand that but information is the key, take it in just use your brains if you cant do that then read again and again till you do.


kprobe2 2.5.2

Additional Comments Admin note: It works only on bit Windows. Once you find the DVD Media that is good, stick with them.

Free to use URL: Sorry off topic I know. Aug 10, 72 6 S.

Again, lower is better. An almost perfect scan.

kprobe2 2.5.2

It works on bit and bit Mac OS. The application installs successfully, starts up and draws its interface without problems provided that the font DPI is set to The test results for this version are very old, and as such they may not represent the current state of Wine.

Link To Image Now somebody tell me how to read this. In addition to that, you can check the DVD transfer rate with just a click of the button. August 26, Freeware.

Wizzu February 15,5: Nov 26, 60 0. If you had a similar kproobe2 with Plextools, I guess the issue is with your system config, not with the software… Do you have one of these installed: This program is able to change your opinion about CD-R blank quality and about your CD writer quality.

Jun 9, 1, Orbiting Sun. Mar 14, 1, 68 Arizona, US. When it comes to the disc drive, it is possible to bring update code, region, RPC scheme, vendor resets available and bus type. lprobe2


Why is Kprobe / K-Probe useful to you?

It encloses a menu bar, a few buttons, two panes in which to view settings and status, and another tabbed pane which lets kpdobe2 view various graphs. Trying it out now will post in a few! An ATAPI commander enables you to perform multiple actions, such as reading disc structure, format unit, synchronize cache, write buffer, seek, read capacity and prevent medium removal.

It works on bit and bit Windows.

Kprobe2 version download

MediumRare February 15,5: It tells you how many continuous errors have ocurred per block. Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don’t want! Read the full changelog.