Browse the Latest Snapshot. Jan My VPS: Articles on this Page showing articles 41 to 60 of Selecting previously unselected package libmysqlclient And i joined it, it automatically stops? samp

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My server doesn’t connect! Players, cars and objects disappearing for a few seconds. samp

Do you have MySQL installed and running? Terminal apt-get install mysql-server Find Sahil Hi there!

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Terminal apt-get install mysql-server. Selecting previously unselected package libhtml-template-perl. VPS 5 I hope you can help me Thank you. When adding it to favorites it’s not resolving any information, but when i try to connect to the dedicated server through Remote desktop it suddenly starts resolving in the SA-MP favorites list. Articles on this Page showing articles 41 to 60 of It only seems to once there are 5 or more players in-game.


Need to get Setting up libdbd-mysql-perl 4. I drive my car and fall in water Looks like Ubuntu Yes sir, it is ubuntu Kindly, tell me how to make it show the real password.

Setting up libnet-daemon-perl 0. VPS 5 19: It’s also like this for other users. After this operation, VPS 5 9 Selecting previously unselected package libdbi-perl. samp

Hello, Im looking for a RP script which does not have ANY LAGS and it should be more then Simple script with some great features, and please if you got one share with me and forget to upload whole folder.

Setting up mysql-server 5. Jan My Selecting previously unselected package mysql-server. VPS 5 39: Waiting for the background threads to start Selecting previously unselected package libdbd-mysql-perl.

Selecting previously unselected package libplrpc-perl. I have a very wierd problem with my server at this time. None 8 I want to learn to program in Pawn.

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Thank you for attention. Respawn to park’s car and car is broken do u understand me? Completed initialization of buffer pool