Her single just came out. I will translate your song ASAP! Could you translate Born to be by Nano please? Asylum-video-premiere disturbeds nightmare deluxe version by american heavy metal. Next To You Thank you for requesting! Yuki Hanabi Thank you for requesting! Thank you for requesting.

lily kizuite yo i love you

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I will visit here again for my English upgrading. Almost all is natural I suppose but I found one unnatural one at the beginning.

Requests | Yume Hokori

Cos I cannot find it and I cannot use torrents! Could you translate the Show By Rock insert songs? Frog is a manga series by Mine Yoshizaki. Can you translate https: Hi this is my first time requesting. Please do loce me when my translations are not correct. Both are good songs IMO.

lily kizuite yo i love you

Thank you so much! Ajin Hope you like it! Can you translate this song, this is a wonderful song.


Disturbed – Discografia Banda: Ciao xo Like Like. She is really a great artist and her songs are also really awesome with beautiful meaning embedded on it!!!

The reason for this is that the Doll in Hunter’s Dream, who allows you to level up, will not appear to be alive until you have one point of Insight. Keep up the great work! Then is that meddling to leave a comment on articles with a bit unnatural translation? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Thank you so much for you kind comments! Thank you for reading my blog! Okay, you’ve started the gamegot yourself killed, got some weapons and made it to the. Can I request a lyric for English translations here?

Notify me of new posts via email. It is a part of Power Group and belongs to Vakkorama holding.

lily kizuite yo i love you

Now what I come for: It quite a good character song. You have to sign up and reply any post for download something, not a big deal I think. Will post the 2nd song soon! Thank you so much. Please have a look if you wish here Like Like.


I really appreciate the Touken Ranbu translations you have done.

lily kizuite yo i love you

All categorize by Takuto in Young Black Jack anime 3. Another Heaven Like Like. You can spend Insight on equipment at the Messengers after reaching 1 points.