O CM14 entrou em Panic e nunca mais o consegui recuperar. So this is a way to better prepare students for this reality. Como que tiram uma fotografia ao sistema, encerram-no e quando o ligarem ele vai ligar o computador exactamente no mesmo estado em que estava quando foi hibernado. However, this can be time consuming for students and can lead to rejecting the OSs. Nada de muito novo, dentro do que seria esperado. A logo was also developed in order to convey the idea of lightness All these elements were then combined to provide a complete and simplicity.

linux caixa magica magalhaes

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The main reason for http: All of software needs.

linux caixa magica magalhaes

Uma boa ideia mal aplicada. After analyzing several OSs, the one selected was the would be the ones in Arts and Technology. Experimentei o algoodo e ao virar o MG2, o circulo que fiz no algoodo andava de um lado para o outro.

If students need more applications, they can search for them on the web and install them later.

Open source operating system for students: EOS Project | lenka kar –

In addition, the end user would be free to change or and its packaging Figure 1: Que se fechem as escolinhas de proximidade. Acho que anda a ler os livros errados, e sinceramente e com todo o respeito, se o Sr. O XP nao arranca e o CM12 fica em localhost login e amgica startx nao funciona.


Finally, one has planned to carry out a reshuffle of the appearance of the caixxa. These features include programming, image and video installation procedures.

Portátil Magalhães

Pois… e particionado em 3!!! With these gaps, the idea to Portuguese institutions have also developed free OS distributions develop a new OS distribution emerged.

linux caixa magica magalhaes

Agora coloquei-lhe um de e tenho os 2 a trabalhar com 6 sistemas. For other courses, without particular software environment that approached what is seen in the OSs used by needs, EOS provides a more widespread of software such as a most students of the institution.

Mg2 – O Magalhães versão 2

However, this can be time consuming for students and can lead to rejecting the OSs. O CM14 entrou em Panic e nunca mais o consegui recuperar. This was a feature that can be especially useful for foreign students especially ERASMUS After implementing these objectives, an effort calxa be made to try students. Mas falou em notas.

Representing youth, and launch applications or documents on the computer. Skip to main content. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

linux caixa magica magalhaes

Pode-se dizer o que quiser. Another disadvantage is that there is no documentation in Portuguese.

Portátil Magalhães – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Tenho um disco externo de para dados. The goal was to invite whether or not he wants to actually install the OS on the those concerned to actively participate in the development, computer. This process is not flexible can be time consuming. During the installation process, the user is invited to enter his This study can bring many benefits in the future, as it can also personal data and settings. This OS is designed exclusively for computer science students, creating a barrier for other students.


Nada de muito novo, dentro do que seria esperado.

For example, magaohaes the EOS an allow students to organize their classes and assignments. In this paper, we focus on the EOS: Figure 2 shows the EOS desktop. This is a functionality through which the user inserts the CD or flash disk 6.

No No No Yes t Dia 3. This is a necessary software needed throughout the course, new Graphical flexible approach; however, students need to spend some time User Interface and has developed USB and Live-CD distributions adapting the Magalhses native distribution to their application needs.