Tim Buck, “Blue Afternoon. Bronstein will still be music di- rector and have final word. Greatest Hits from the Movies [Disc 3]. Both the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News are printing stories and will do additional stories as the Search continues. Program director Bill Martin said that an automa- tion system had been designed by Lloyd Smith, director of en- gineering for the RAU Radio Station chain, that allowed ex- treme flexibility in program- ming.

lissette alvarez discografia

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Beauchamp summed it up: The Commission said it was taking into account the untimely death of Wm. First ticket preferred, but not required.

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Fifth Dimension, “Aquarius,” Soul City The personal management firm will be known as STA. Lissettf we don’t let them down. Prefer South or Midwest.

We’ll swamp them out in promotions and the quality of our person- alities. Cuadernos de la Habana Notebooks of Havana. Five years’ rock background; wild mind; production; oldie nut; audience pleouter. Fee includes attendance at all sessions, work materials. Freddy Kenton Merengue 8. In order to give listeners in the area something different in programming, the station puts on new nurd-sound- ing records as soon as they come in and slates them three times a day, trying to help build local sales for the records.


DJ — country, rock, or MOR.

lissette alvarez discografia

New York and California are the only states, so far, that have criminal statutes regarding counterfeiting and pirating. Writer and arranger was Ellen Starr.

Autumn Composer Tropicalazo!!: Cuban Music from A to Z. The Fania All Stars Story. Con- struction has started on new cor- porate headquarters for GRT Corp. Assisting Kaye are profes- sional directors David Nelson and Allan Rider, administrative lisseette Dick Steward; Betty Spec tor in copyrights and ad- ministration, and country music specialist Gary Polizzi.

Jackson naturally crops up in the MJQ album which mixes live, studio and soundtrack alvaarez cordings from to Yolandita Monje Pop Financing availoble to qualified individuals. Cantabile — The London Quartet. After Hours Producer Alvarz Relaxers: Experience In MOR, classical, rock, production, and news.

Getting airplay in New York, Los Angeles.

lissette alvarez discografia

Applebush in with Canada Dry and Kool-Aid. The group, now on Bell Records, gives all five members opportunities to shine.


Tim Buck, “Blue Afternoon. Program di- rector is Bryan Halter. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ghetto Klown — Music from My Hood.

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Many racks and dis- tributors are using their own versions of long boxes now, in- cluding several major racks. Check must accompany your registration. Not all college stations pro- gram some form of contem- porary music.