I am not saying it is not a generous gift, I am merely noting that for a free offer I have so far spent a lot of time chasing this goose without any golden egg. To make sure you receive the updated build to try, please email us directly at kyle at macappware. Purchased it last year as part of the MacUpdate Bundle. Have you noticed your Mac is running slower? Not really fair on the developer to give a half-star review for a logistical problem. I sent an email to support a few mins ago. There doesn’t appear to be trial or demo, and without that I’m never going to buy it.

macoptimizer 2.0

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Get your Mac back in shape. Both are pretty good at what they do. VM Regions Near 0 cr2: It is parallels other apps, but interesting to learn if exceeds their performance and has better or macoptimkzer algorithms. We just released version 3 this past week and do not have a trial ready at this time.

It is now the 12th of Nov.

MacOptimizer v Released | MacAppware

Looks like the fixed version is working so please make sure and email us at kyle at macappware. Get your Mac back in shape with an incredibly fast disk utility that will optimize and clean your hard drive, maximize battery life, free memory, organize your Desktop, and more. Please contact me directly at kyle at macappware. System Tweaks Get easy access to hidden OS X settings and other useful tweaks that make it easier to work on your Mac. There’s no chance to DL the software.


Unfortunately, they forgot to update the bundle with MacOptimizer Get a serial but pls.

MacOptimizer v2.0 Released

I love it, also i send a email to bit and they send me the link to download the soft, is a great app, like i say before macoptmiizer love it. If you are still interested in trying out the older version, please feel free to contact us at: To make sure you receive the updated build to try, please email us directly at kyle at macappware.

Heard back from developer almost immediately. The new features include:. Please try emailing us again. Share your comments at the bottom of our home page — questions, kudos, critiques, suggestions, etc… Three commenters will receive a free license after this ZOT ends. You could post zip file? Posted September 3, edited.


There’s an issues with my Xcode macoptimizfr they get revoked way too often and it’s a bit unnerving! Hope this helps all those like me that couldn’t download it. Discover New Mac Apps.

Go to your profile to “Purchases”, choose Mac Optimizer or any other app from the Bundleyou will find the download link at the bottom of the page. I had tested macoptimizer ver.

Downloading from the purchases screen does not work, if you click the MacOptimizer link it comes back to this page as Danilko1 said.


MU Desktop chokes on my system too many apps.

MacOptimizer by bittech – App Info

Manage your email subscription from the bottom of this email The fixed version is working so please make sure and email us at kyle at macappware. Clear your system of temporary files causing poor performance and stability, and clean your font caches if you experience text problems cleans maco;timizer, Adobe and Microsoft font caches. On the other hand it can be rather destructive in the hands of those that don’t know what they are doing and lack enough common maxoptimizer to inquire before doing.

macoptimizer 2.0

I shall cling to hope. I’m not really seeing anything about Mac Optimizer that is really unique for me, but I’m sure it will be great for a lot of people.

macoptimizer 2.0

Please explain how to obtain the download. Same prob here; tried to use the supposedly new link which would lead to the revised “dmg” including MacOptimizer – to no avail.