PBP Capcom Generations 3. Dealing with the Registry. I’ve meanwhile released my first ‘Development Release’ of ZSNES, sans-compression, since, as you said, it didn’t save much space anyway. So I encourage you to start learning on your own, but in the meantime, I will look at it and give you help as required. BBC Micro and Master emulator. February 20, – Now they are detected – Little speedup in general audit process.

mameuifx 0.150

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Almost all of these are in the beta stage or listed as development test, but they seem to work just fine. INI file before run the program.

MAME Emulator for MAME on Windows | Emuparadise

INI before start the emulator. E ” game always available – Added support for MR. As requested – Added speedup cheat button to Pac-Man Plus.

Please delete before run the emulator the followings: PBP Castlevania – Chronicles. You aren’t the only one who needs to stop writing long posts Virtual Virgo.


There are a few different options for the app compactor, although without extensive testing it is hard to say what will work. Skip to main content. I hope this helps some people find what they are looking for. I apologise if I came across that way.

command dat question – Mame Addicts

Two games missing NOTE: Reported in the forum – Fixed bug in pacman. Wily no Nazo [Complete Works].

mameuifx 0.150

Requested in the forum file must be called “splash. Tearing problems since 0.

Also, your tag worked just fine. February 22, – 3: I have a sample AppNamePortable set up with all the possible files and heavy commenting, so I can just change some things here and there, and refer back to other launchers. Crystal Of Kings, etc.

February 21, – No more needed – Removed some drivers changes. PBP Destruction Derby 2. Online installer, does not mwmeuifx with plugins, roms, bios, or other copyrighted material. ZSNES is small enough where it shouldn’t need to be compacted.

mameuifx 0.150

Belmont’s fix in scsp. Updated to MAME 0.


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February 22, – 6: PCSX – Reloaded and ePSXe seem to compliment each other in this regard, in that if a game doesn’t work on one, it probably works on the other. PBP Vigilante 8 – 2nd Offense. November 7, – Without publisher permission, an online installer would work for the ePSXe base app and extract it properly look at how Kega Fusion does it for details.

This was forgotten in 0.

mameuifx 0.150

I’ve meanwhile released my first ‘Development Release’ of ZSNES, sans-compression, since, as you said, it didn’t save much space anyway. You have to disable cheats option too mameuif every game will freeze at startup. Sprite-background priority is wrong – Further improvements in the internal UI colors.