I checked now and will correct it. Kariyavizhi , means dark, black iris of the eye. The kuyilOsai,the contrast of this piece against other more measured ‘kannamma’ pieces are the very highlight of the post. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Hi Kavi, The novels i mentioned in my post are not there in esnips

maruva kadhal konden

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Please note that Mahakavi was married at a very young age and maurva feels that his wife is still a young lady even after marriage.

It says “vaalaik kumariyadi” as virgin which I do not agree. That comes when we see the complete simile.

I wanted to analyze the lyrics and have translated them as per my knowledge and took the help of my roommate Sundar who is way better in Tamil than many that I know of.

Newer Post Older Post Home. You are on target from the word go. The next line shows how exact Barathi is in the usage of words. I am just glad that people like you are keeping things like this ‘alive’: Newer Post Older Post Home. The appreciation section is beautiful.

அக்னிக் குஞ்சொன்று கண்டேன்: சுட்டும் விழிச் சுடர் தான் – Part II

It is the fresh and virgin love of one young heart with another. So Mahakavi, says that the beads in the dark blue Saree that are shining like real diamonds look like stars or kadyal in the dark night sky. Writing ungaluku romba pidikuma???


But it is aathiram kondavarkke.

Uma Balakumar Novels

The interpretation that we agreed in general is, the sound of the waves in the blue sea or ocean is that of the sound of your heartbeat. The lines under discussion are still not clear.

Apr 8, 7. The first one is such a lovely song and huge credit to twice Oscar awards winner A. The interpretation is how he see her before marriage as a vaalai kumari.

maruva kadhal konden

If someone taught you via skype, what would you want to learn? The meaning graceful appears most suited here.

The entire poem shows a fever, a burning passion that is characteristic of the mad first love that strikes a young heart, somewhere between the age of fifteen and seventeen. My interest however shifted from the music and the voice of the singer to mxruva lyrics.

Uma Balakumar Novels | Tamil Novels

Chillzee KiMo special stories. Subha February 10, at 1: Mar 26, 3. If kadhzl wife is speaking rules and customs to him, then accordingly he is angry and crude. And thus does life become immortal.


EveryDay Surprises: Sutum Vizhi from Mahakavi Bharathi

So the sweetness in your voice is like the sound made by the forest cuckoo bird. This love is the love of maurva towards itself.

maruva kadhal konden

Happy to hear that Pidicha vishayathai seivathil epothume oru thani santhosham iruka than seiyuthu. However, since Barathi has finished Her physical beauty in the previous stanza, the first interpretation seems more appropriate.

The conjunction ‘in’ appears clearly in this word.

maruva kadhal konden

This is the love that is primal to the very universe, the simple nascent love that springs from seeing your own self reflected in the other person. But yeah thanks Subha for the link, I can look at other songs too for their meaning. KN ku nenga ellarum kodutha encouragement, appreciation than aduthaduthu gap illama, enaku ezhutha interest koduthuchu Website Maintenance by SujWin Solutions.