But if you do need to perform a reset, a button on the toolbar is provided as shown below:. As with all the other MegunoLink features — there is a relevant tutorial available on the website. November 24, by Johnathan Powell Development tools that let you create drag-and-drop interface tools for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects are quite popular. But you don’t have to buy one. Just fill in the information below and submit. T tells MegunoLink to plot the actual real time, and b is the data as a number in string form.


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The Apple Car will purportedly be in here in four years, but the foray into the automobile industry may be a misstep in the company’s Of course, the program isn’t suited megunolinj every application. Quote of the day.

MegunoLink – Arduino Libraries

From the Megunolink website, MegunoLink Pro is a tool designed to aid embedded electronics designers. You can setup George so that it listens for a particular pattern in the serial output from an Arduino — and then sends back a response of your choice to the Arduino. Maybe a GUI based controller that could tell a quadcopter to hover or go into a pre-determined pattern, or land stuff like that. If you are asked a question, please respond with an answer.


megunolink | PlanetArduino

I don’t have a need to use the software as a User Interface Panel per se. They function by themselves and do not need to be connected to a PC to function. Among our panels for this project, we have a basic serial monitor. Here is a very simple example:.

As with the Mdgunolink Monitor in the Arduino IDE, you can monitor meguno,ink data from the Arduino, and also send it back through the serial line. T tells MegunoLink to plot the actual real time, and b is the data as a number in string form.

Plot, log and monitor serial streams from both hardwired, bluetooth, and network based UDP devices. I got my hands on one to use in a unique chemistry project—here’s how it went. I have a long-term goal of building a quadcopter by the end of but I am getting my feet wet now with a robotic vehicle project.


If you’re just blinking a light, MegunoLink may be more complexity than your project needs. PlanetArduino is powered by WordPress.

For a more detail explanation and detail tutorial on how to control George, see the MegunoLink website. Thanks and regards Rainer. You can convert an old mechanical thermostat Perfect for developing exciting new microcontroller based designs.

Planet Arduino

Very useful indeed, much quicker than dumping data to a microSD card and then bringing it back to the PC. An example Arduino sketch is provided to demonstrate meugnolink, and it translates to other development platforms. I have and use MegunoLink, every now and then. You can even use it for a photo We do not edit, endorse or vouch for the contents of individual posts. This MegUnoLink package sounds very interesting.



Installation was simple and straightforward. Each button sends a simple message—for example, “red”, “blue” and “green”—and my Arduino is programmed to listen for those messages on the serial line. Here is a very simple example: But if you do need to perform a reset, a button on the toolbar is provided as shown below: Another great feature is the ability to create a graphical user interface for projects connected to the PCB. What do you mean by stand alone?

The data must be formatted as such:. As far as using it for a ‘User Interface Panel’, all my projects are stand alone.


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