Aside from a few live commitments next year, the band have no plans to reconvene or record a fourth album anytime soon. To enter, email me at contests AT chromewaves. The Norwegian troubadour strips the jittery electro-violin of the original down to voice and guitar to great effect. None of the songs were immediately memorable but they had a good sound that good things will come of it. The notes of tranquility and unobtrusiveness do not stop reminding oneself about the whole time this wonderful sound!

memoryhouse heirloom mp3

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Best of 2010: EPs/Singles of the Year

His ninth long-player is entitled Kaputt and it streets January 25 via Merge. Whether that be indie pop, dance music or hip-hop. For everyone else, why not? A lovely, languid full-length from Pittsburgh’s gentlest indiepop band. A Universe Despairs by Blood Cultures. It was that voice that would carry her opening set this evening as she was playing without the Autumn Lovers and while members of The Memoryhousee sat in for a few numbers adding harmonies and atmosphere, I missed their string, horn and percussion contributions.

memoryhouse heirloom mp3

Copyright c Frank Yang, all rights reserved. Thirteen months later, Ml3 Wilderness had converted their buzz into some genuine success on the back of their debut album When You Left The Fire while Olenka and company just released their new record And Now We Singwhich I was most eager to get my hands on.


Remington Super 60 — Winter EP A humble gem of a mostly instrumental collection barely long enough to count heirloim a Sufjan Stevens album track.


But, like the dinosaurs, it may not outlast its smaller, warm-blooded colleagues. The natural light that falls on the pair fits the beautiful piano melody though. Fans will have to make do with one of their side projects, some of which they detail to Spinner. Enjoy that below, or download their recent seasonal single here.

memoryhouse heirloom mp3

About Twentyseven Views is primarily a music blog although sometimes I will do the random post on a film or something culture or art related. Saddle Creek is catering to all levels of Bright Eyes fan with special bundles. Manwomanchild — Manwomanchild EP Yeasayer fans can choose from a bunch of different audio formats. His wine-soaked and sordid tales of women, lust, and bedraggled nights are poetry for poetry’s sake. Check out the newly funked-out track above.

None of the songs were immediately memorable but they had a good sound that good things will come of it. Contest closes at midnight, December With drum production similar to The Radio Dept.

MP3s are used to help promote heilroom artists and musicians. It really is beautiful and perfect for the coming Winter Blues. Well, after slowly churning through some buzz from their self-released The Years EP, the group has been signed to Sub Pop Records and now are on the verge of being one of the bands to be slumped in along with the other hazy lo-fi dream-themed duos out there.


Today the album got some flame-filled artwork.

new Memoryhouse – “Heirloom”

Most of the pros of the record were present live — songs with a good balance heirlom catchiness and atmospherics and equal dexterity at poppers and drifters. Last night’s stellar show proved everyone was right. MP3 Of The Week. All posts are genuine and honest opinions by the writer.


Her voice is just as understated, lovelorn, and exquisite as Bejar’s. Within months, guitarist Todd Goldstein returned to his earlier ARMS project, put a band together, released this EP for memoryhousw, played one of the best sets of SXSW and generally impressed the shit out of me with emotive, serious material that embraced a sonic dark side that the frenetic Harlem Shakes typically avoided.

memoryhouse heirloom mp3

Your Youth — Aloha EP And incidentally, Memoryhouse just released a new video. Swedish duo jj ‘s brand new memoryhpuse for their reimagining of T.

Torontoist interviews Mitch Fillion, the video session auteur who runs Southern Souls.