For fun, add Ignition after fire damage. If cast at full moon it moves you a very short distance for a very high mana cost. Yes, my password is: As stated earlier, most of the potions are made from the Awkward Base and some have contradictory effects, but if you read through the recipes you’ll find what suits you I’m sure. Orcem12 , Apr 8,

minecraft spellmaker

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minecraft spellmaker

This potions makes hurting mobs impossible. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. GoldenbastApr 25, Now this is where it gets weird. Wow sound complicated but very awsome at the same time.

KKeysJan 9, Made from Blaze Rods, which can be taken from a new Nether mob called Blaze.

For a strange hole you can add in Random Teleportation. This will produce blue orchids, tamra root, and also desert novas if cast in the desert.

Builderb0yJan 21, Have fun mixing and matching them and remember you can take multiple potions at once! The zone will do damage and convert to health an mana as well, but you wont get the pretty particle effects. Lycanites Mobs are great for summons. By the way, slowfall is bugged and if you’ve been in the air a while and then touch the ground an instant after the buff runs out it is the same damage as a fall from cloud level with no buffs.


I suggest the Nether ones for starters, as they are badass and dangerous. And apply that to a powerful creature, such as a Wither, and you have a bit of a hellish summon for your foes to deal with. spelkmaker


I got this in the cmd thing when I tried to set my class to mage: Just thinking of dumping all those mobs into a Well of Suffering from Blood Magic made my face match the spell icon. Do you already have an account?

To get this, place a spider eye, minecrfat sugar, and a minecratf mushroom in the crafting table as seen here. Any block, even bedrock, can be deleted if it can be attacked from the side.

Potion of Swiftness II 1: Spout is planned for version 1. To make any of these bases, simply add the corresponding ingredient to your potions in the potion stand, like so. Now that you understand potions and how their ingredient combos work let’s get to making them! dpellmaker

Ars Magica 2 community spellbook | Feed the Beast

Getting Started You will first need water bottles, which in turn become your potion bottles or vials which sounds cooler. Admittedly it’s a flat world so there are probably a few more mobs than usual in range. Let players discover new spells naturally, and if they choose to, visit the Magic web site to view the complete list of available spells.


This is kind of useless on land but could be a hilarious and deadly prank if combined with a recall spell set to the spelkmaker of the ocean. Potion of Fire Resistance minecrfat They last ages with 3x duration and can do all sorts of unexpected things.

minecraft spellmaker

Moving to full moon does not raise damage, fire can be substituted for frost with same results. Most of this content is half complete, but nonetheless interesting. Orcem12Apr 8, They are bottles of magical stuff that have an effect on your player character such as speed, health, or power for a given time of effect.