A poem from my past by Erma Bombeck. September 9, at 5: This song is balls to the wall prog in all of it’s glory. Please enter the OTP sent. Jem Godfrey’s pop expertise shines through in the chorus, bridge and outro coalescing the prog oddities with almost pop-like hooks. It sounds very good, but it’s hard to be happy with a t-bone when someone’s having filet mignon right next to you.

mp3 slank just kidding

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Hyperventilate provides an kiddint introduction to the layers you’ll find throughout the entire album, keyboard wizardry interspersed with crunching guitar yet retaining a firm grip on melody throughout. With characteristics of IQ, Arena, and Pink Floyd, this is a very strong tune with excellent guitar work by Mitchell about 3 minutes in.

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End of the world is discussed, also New Year happenings at the mansion, talk about being prepared for disasters. Fri, 30 December MD 47 Last year ? Album closer, third epic and title track ‘Milliontown’ is absolutely amazing and breathtaking, 26 minutes of pure majestic symphonic neo prog. In all, a refreshing and reassuring hour of neo-prog performed by a group of highly talented craftsmen. MD 47 Last year ? Love the sound of the Mellotron, but come on guys, it’s or when this was released.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Second, this track has something that really inquiring the mind with its varied moods, motifs and styles delivered by combining dynamically! MD 23 Dangerous Chemicals!

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Although not every track can be felt innovative but the first and the last are too impressive for the audience to ignore as progressive rock gems. MD 46 Christmas Time Again Here Godfrey gives lidding melodic synthesizer solo that makes good use of the keys while playing a Dream Theater-esque breakdown section.

Milliontown gets-r-done for me. The opening riff juat “The other me” sounds very like Tubeway Army’s “Are ‘friends’ electric” before Mitchell’s distorted vocals take us in an altogether heavier direction. You are commenting using your Google account.

I think the song should be a little longer…this is pretty bad. Most of the cd just sounds like boring pop music. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Being that the core of the band is made of neo-proggers from Arena and IQ, one might expect this to sound like those bands.

mp3 slank just kidding

It would have been a much stronger Input is not an international phone number! Black Light Machine Still today it can be heard from now and then. Genius I tell ya! I must say I was really surprised when I listened to Milliontown for the first time because I was expecting some rather mediocre neo prog, but this sounds much more powerful and fresh.


mp3 slank just kidding

The other good bet is the instrumental song called Hyperventilate. September 10, at 3: Labheshs iPhone 6s Active Save. A new prog classic indeed. I can’t wait for the next release from this group, mmp3 they seem to have a long, fruitful, and very high energy career ahead of them.

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This cd came to me out of the blue, I don’t know the bands these guys came from other then some by name only always more to discover. Enjoy the music released in the 70’s for what it was don’t try to recreate it 40 years later. The keyboard solo is attractive and stunning. While perhaps maybe not the most unique instrumental song in the world of prog, it certainly has its own flavor and flair.