Daaro Jagannadha Daaro Hare.. Feedjit Live Blog Stats. Shree Sadguru Mahaa Prabho.. Thava Daasoham Thava Daasoham.. Vizhi Kidaikkuma Kadaikkan paartharulvai etc etc No one has sung the nama siddhantam itself as a keerthanam like this. Nanda Kumaravara Navaneetha Chora Hare..

muralidhara swamy hare rama song

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muralidhara swamy hare rama song

Thava Daasoham Thava Daasoham. Anganaam Anganaam Anthare Maadhava. Yehimudam Dehi Sri Krishnaa Krishnaa. By and Rzma we see that when we meet a friend and ask,”Why did you not come to the discourse?

Maha Mantra Keerthanam Lyrics

Pundareeka Varadhe Hare Vittale. Deha Jaavo Athavaa Raaho. Krishnasya Mukha Laavanya Sudhaam. Pava Maana Suthatu Bhattu.

muralidhara swamy hare rama song

Smitha Smitha Sundara Mukhaaravinda. Krishna Raama Mukunda Maadhava. Notes from the “Katha Kelu” scintillating discourses ewamy Narada Gana Sabha, a treat to the indriyas with infinite boundless timeless nectarine of divine wisdom from our Guruji for 9 glorious days!!!

We have the divine name and we have the tongue to say it, so where is the fear says Sri Bodendra Swamigal. Krishnam Kalaya Sakhi Sundaram. Well its true, its on the internet anytime: Siva Siva Bhava Bhava Saranam.


Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji | Songs | AllMusic

Rangamma Maaji Rangamma Rangamma Maaji. Shree Raadha Rukmini Satyabhaama Sametha. Paahi Madana Gopaala Mukunda. Ancient Songs are very very old, sound vibrations remains in the space in the ether long long time, they dont die or disappear. If we say rama it begets the same fruit of bathing in Ganga, if we say Krishna it muuralidhara the fruit of bathing in yamuna, if we say Govinda it begets the fruit of bathing in Saraswathi – namasamprayAke bAdithadOrasamsara vAranatatkAranE – Rama krishna govinda telling is enough.

Why do you go to allahabad and triveni sangam and perform snanam, Here ganga is antarvahini with saraswathi joining, there is no need to muralidhra there. Bhajore Bhayya Raama Govindha Hare.

Namasankirthanam by Maha Periyava The good habit of ‘Namasankirthanam’ singing the Divine Names of the Lord should revive and spread. Maaruthi Raaya Bhala Bheema. Whilst being there he found the leaves of the Nama Siddhantam created by Sri Bodendral and having read all that, Sri Narayana theerthar sang them all as keerthanams collectively tama as Tharangam.


Puja, dhyana, yoga, anushtanam in this country, this time, this direction is usually the norm followed but for namasankeerthanam there is no norms defined.

Hey Madhava Madhusudhana Damodhara Muralidhara. Krishna Raama Govindaa Hare.

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Vasanthe Vaasanthi Kusuma Sukumaarai. During this month, every day, people wake up very early and go on the streets singing the Divine Names.

Ghora Bhavaarnava Thaaraka Naamadheya. Krishna Raama Govinda Naraayana. Jaanaki Ramana Kalyaana Guna. Jaya Jaya Bala Gopala! Details on where to get the cds are in this playlist!!!

muralidhara swamy hare rama song